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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 21, 2022

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Artist Interview: Lauren Ball

Artist Interview: Lauren Ball

| On 27, Feb 2014

Inspired heavily by animation and comic books, specifically the Disney princesses and Batman comics, Lauren Ball will be showcasing her acrylic and pencil artwork at the Creative Drinks launch of Sartre magazine.

Using primarily paints, pencils, and Photoshop, Lauren aspires to become a Disney animator or a comic book illustrator.

Creative Drinks sits down with Lauren to learn where her Disney inspiration came from.


Artist Lauren Ball will be showcasing her work at our upcoming Creative Drinks launch of Sartre Magazine


CD: What is your art medium of choice and why?
Lauren: Pencils and arcylics because they’re easiest and I can do more them.

CD: I can see that you’re inspired a lot by Disney and comic books, how did you get that inspiration?
Lauren: Watching Disney movies as a child and watching how everything moves and to know it was drawn just by someone with pencil. I liked the way hair moved and the facial movements and how someone just drew that on a piece of paper yet it’s so real. And with comic books, they don’t move at all but the way they’re drawn makes it look like everything is in motion.

CD: Have you ever tried focusing on a different art medium?
Lauren: I went through this phase of using watercolours for a while. I found out my own way to use them and it never really panned out, so I stopped and went back to what I was comfortable with.

CD: What has been your biggest inspiration to date?
Lauren: Yeah, it’s Disney. But specifically The Little Mermaid. She was always my favourite princess. I always wanted to draw her and focus on her. She’s the one I go to first.

CD: What is the one thing you find yourself constantly drawing?
Lauren: Poison Ivy from Batman. You can just constantly recreate her design, so it’s fun to always try and make her look different.

CD: What do you hope to get out of exhibiting at our Creative Drinks event?
Lauren: Getting my work seen, feedback and sharing my work with people and see what other people can do. I’d also like to meet the other artists and compare notes together.

CD: Can you draw me a sketch in under 2 minutes?

After drawing Princess Ariel countless times, Lauren can successfully draw her in under 2 minutes.

After drawing Princess Ariel countless times, Lauren can successfully draw her in under 2 minutes.


The Creative Drinks, Sartre magazine launch is set for March 5 with more details to be released.