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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 20, 2022

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Asia-Belle Discusses New Single, Family And Faith

Asia-Belle Discusses New Single, Family And Faith
Raquel Estrada

Asia-Belle discusses her musical journey and shares what inspires her to create music.

The 23-year-old artist was originally born in New Zealand but has called Brisbane home for a little over twenty years now.

The young artist discovered her love for music through her family and church.

Asia’s love for her family and her firm faith is evident through her musical artwork.

‘Apart (Jupiter & Mars)’ and ‘XII VI’ were the first two singles she released. The first track conveys the feelings of heartbreak and the second is a prime example of how passionate she is about her Christian beliefs.



Her new single, ‘GOTTA FLY’ featuring ZedYou was inspired by the desire to spread the message that life should be lived to the fullest regardless of who comes and goes in our lives.

“You have to let someone go because holding onto them, waiting or playing around with them can hold you back from reaching all the amazing things that you have going for your life,” Asia said.

“People will always come and go but to never let that restrict you from forgiveness and living life without those people,” she said.

The new single proves how much growth Asia has had as an artist. Drawing inspiration from her favourite artists such as Nao, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Destiny’s Child. Asia believes she’s confident she has found her sound as an artist.

“Speaking specifically about the single it shows that I don’t only write sad songs which is what people knew me for, but I can also write something you can dance to.”

An album is currently in the works and it will be dedicated to her family, friends and her faith.

She hopes to bring listeners on her life journey and spread some love and joy.

Make sure to have a listen to her single here.

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