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Aussie foods you should be eating

Aussie foods you should be eating

| On 18, Dec 2013

We’re the country known for a thick black spread that any foreigner will cringe at the taste of.

Arnott’s Tim Tams usually make up for Vegemite though and anyone who’s tasted Cadbury Marvellous Creations won’t debate that it’s the best chocolate in the world. But what about our Australian owned health foods?

There is a booming industry in health and ‘super’ foods at the moment and I’m going to give you the 411 on the best Australian health food brands you should get acquainted with.

Carmans: Carman’s began as a small business in Melbourne and now the brand’s healthy muesli, bars, oats and porridge can be found in supermarkets across Australia. My favourite to try is Carman’s Gluten Free Muesli.

Emma and Tom’s: Emma and Tom who are also from Victoria noticed the range of healthy juice options in North America while on a ski trip and brought the idea across the seas. Now you can find their healthy juices and bars at cafes across the country. Their new Coconut juice is a must try.

 Boost: With a small beginning in South Australia, to everyone in your local Westfield carrying a green cup. For a healthy option try Boost’s new green juices but make sure to watch out for the smoothies if you’re trying to cut back on sugar.

 Macro: If you’re looking to buy healthy Australian food in your supermarket, hit up the Macro Wholefoods Market section at Woolworths. There are plenty of affordable options and free range, gluten free, vegetarian and organic products.