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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 25, 2020

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AboutGenevieve Skinner, Author at The Creative Issue

Genevieve Skinner

Genevieve Skinner

My idea of paradise is a pile of trashy magazines and a big cup of coffee. That's right, sometimes I go and sit in the waiting room at the dentist when I don't even have an appointment. Celebrity gossip is my guilty pleasure. I recall my school headmaster asking me what I wanted to do when I graduated high school. I replied that I wanted to spot celebrity baby bumps, do before and after shots of who has gained 15kg and lost 15kg and which celebs have bikini bods this summer - to which he threw his head back and laughed. WHO IS LAUGHING NOW, MR ROYAL?? Along with celebrity gossip, I also enjoy social commentary, keeping my finger on the pulse with what is happening in the world and I love a good conspiracy theory. Have any ideas or questions for me? Send me an email. Note: The extensive use of emotion's will result in my laptop being thrown against the wall.

Posts By Genevieve Skinner

If Britney made it through 2007, Solange can make it through 2014

May 15, 2014 |

Due to the fact Beyonce is yet to put a statement on it, the world is still trying to decipher what the hell happened in that elevator between her younger sister, Solange, and Bey’s baby daddy, Jay Z.

If you … Read More

Raise your hand if you have been personally victimised by Kate Middleton

April 30, 2014 |

I don’t know if you know, but the royals were in Australia.

OF COURSE YOU KNOW. Every time I turned on the television, opened a magazine, went online or tried to have a conversation with someone I was bombarded with … Read More

Aussie Swimmers: Inside the Murda Bidness

April 29, 2014 |

Former Olympic swimmer, Geoff Huegill, and his wife Sara Hills, have been charged and arrested with cocaine possession. I know right, so bad ass.

The pair were said to be “acting strangely” whilst at the races on Saturday afternoon, and … Read More

Pimp My Instagram

April 17, 2014 |

Are you sick of your Instagram feed being filled with the same old narcissistic, self-absorbed and self-conscious sluzzas who have more sexual partners than insta followers? Sick to death of that weird, fake smile that young girls keep doing that … Read More

Um, excuse me Miranda?

April 4, 2014 |

Can we just stop to talk about Miranda Kerr for a moment.

Let me get this out of the way before we begin – YES, CONGRATULATIONS to Miranda’s publicist who no doubt told her to get super sexual with her … Read More

Gwyneth no longer head groupie for Coldplay

March 26, 2014 |

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin have announced their separation on Paltrow’s website

Having never heard of ‘goop’ I headed to the “What’s goop?” section to discover, “Gwyneth started goop in the fall of 2008 to share … Read More

How Not To Get Scammed By A Lithuanian Woman: The Comprehensive Guide

March 20, 2014 |

Oh, why hello. I didn’t see you there.

If you have gotten this far then you have obviously read the title of this article and thought: huh, I guess I don’t want to be scammed by a Lithuanian woman – … Read More

Courtney Love uses Microsoft Paint to find MH370

March 18, 2014 |

In a search that is now entering its tenth day for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, Courtney Love has taken to Facebook with information that could be a game changer for the search party.

Love used the advanced plane … Read More