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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 13, 2021

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AboutHolly Taylor, Author at The Creative Issue

Holly Taylor

Holly Taylor

Our world has a constant desire and need for fashion. It exists because people can speak to each other through their wardrobes. Whether you’re dancing in Miu Mius or lounging in Birkenstocks, what you wear, truly does means something important to everyone. I am determined to uncover these storytelling pieces and the people behind them. Read as I delve into all walks of life, and see how fashion and design can be a fairy-tale, horror, comedy or romance.

Posts By Holly Taylor

Brisbane’s Booming Boutiques

January 17, 2015 |

Brisbane has often been bummed down by our other fashion capitals, Melbourne and Sydney, but in truth Brisbane is rivalling these major hubs, with its trendy boutiques and fashion sanctuaries popping up all around the city. Read More

8 Fashion Influencers You Need To Know

January 14, 2015 |

It’s hard to pick eight, but here are our most stylish fashion influences at present. Read More

How To Nail A Fashion Industry Job Interview

January 12, 2015 |

As the new year begins, so does the constant desire for people to make a change, and begin a new chapter in their lives.

For many this means a new haircut, a new bed or even new personal goal, but for others it means new career opportunities. The fashion industry is a tough nut to crack, and even tougher to stay apart of. I have listed my top 3 tips for overcoming the nerves and feeling confident for the new fashion job that you will DEFINITELY get. Read More

Interview: The Great Beyond

January 8, 2015 |

As of late, Queensland has become home to some of the most innovative and fashion forward labels, in the industry. The Great Beyond is definitely taking the forefront. Read More

2014 Fashion Trends: A Snapshot

December 31, 2014 |

As the year draws to a close, it is time to look back at the fashion trends which sashayed down the runways and strutted through the streets in 2014. Fashion definitely found it’s way into the minimalism trend that had been taking the forefront in many other industries. However, what continues to transcend from year to year is that the trends worn on the street are being dictated by the runway. Lets take you back through the year as a snapshot, of what we wore, and what we wish we didn’t. Read More