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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 20, 2021

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AboutJames Bullock, Author at The Creative Issue

James Bullock

James Bullock

I think my first ever concert was Muse in 2010. After the Entertainment Centre started to empty, ears still ringing from Matt Bellamy’s final note, I decided that despite a subsequently temporary lack of hearing, I quite enjoyed live music. I began to venture into Brisbane’s West End, the Valley- ever learning of the new and exciting bands and producers that Brisbane was churning out at a dizzying rate. Brisbane is a city of flavours, bands with hints of past eras of rock, punk, electronica, grunge, folk and hip hop and more, all with respective venues to match. Circles form; faces from recent gigs becoming more and more recognisable in and out of stage lighting, bands discussed and recommended, the music scene of a city on the river slowly but surely bringing people together. There’s a lot to write about.

Posts By James Bullock

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2015: Tickets on Sale and SPOD

December 1, 2014 |

It’s rolled around to that time of year yet again.

After last year’s Class-A lineup amongst which the likes of Lorde, Danny Brown and Jamie XX graced the stages of Australia’s major cities, our sunburnt shores are once again beginning to brace themselves for another several days of dagwood dogs, vendor burgers, and the bittersweet sounds of final songs from your bucket list bands that inevitably end during your sprint from Lorde to Jagwar Ma. Read More

Wolfmother Feat. Andrew Beug-dale At Mansfield Tavern

November 29, 2014 |

Who says I’m insinuating anything?

A brief flashback to 2005, when new band on the block Wolfmother had become Australia’s answer to distortion-laden rock contemporaries Queens of the Stone Age, and Joker and the Thief had become the radio anthem that punk teens and rad dads could both happily nod their heads to.  Read More

Band Focus: Rainy Day Women

November 22, 2014 |


Listening to Triple M on a Sunday night is a bit of a lottery, with a favourable outcome of either Bon Jovi, ACDC, INXS, Cold Chisel, Greenday or any other group that appeals to it’s sweaty Baby Boomer listener base, to whom ads about Ride-On mowers slide in nicely with football snippets and power-chord station ID’s.
Very rarely however, they begrudgingly sample a track from a lesser known act, and when this happens it may actually be worth the listen.  Read More

Portugal, The Man at the Jubilee Hotel

November 18, 2014 |

While most of us were enjoying the dazzling promenade of an official opening night of The Triffid with a little help from The Creases, the er, less financially viable among Brisbane’s indie alt/ rock fan base were sweating it out at Fortitude Valley’s Jubilee Hotel on Saturday 8th.

Read More

All About That Blurst: It Was The Best Of Times

October 31, 2014 |

“That’s rock n roll. Thanks to all the deadshits that came out this year. You’re f*ckin alright,” were the official closing words of 2014’s Blurst of Times Festival, organised and orchestrated by people connected by the defining ideology that throwing a bunch of bands at a 6 hour time-slot and a couple of venues will produce a night worth remembering- people who absolutely pulled it off.

Read More

Zippity: Taking The Search Out Of Job Search

October 27, 2014 |

It’s a waiting game that becomes all too familiar.

As the Christmas period draws near and employers and employees alike scramble for jobs to fill for the upcoming chaos of the next two months, it can be easy to assume that part time positions in the retail and hospitality industry are in abundance; especially after a flurry of recent openings in Brisbane City including Top Shop and Forever 21, and developments for a revamped Wintergarden precinct well underway. Read More

Rock For The Reef At Brisbane Powerhouse

October 17, 2014 |

The Great Barrier Reef has enjoyed intense media scrutiny of late, with activists, celebrities, politicians, corporations and magnates all vying to be heard in a cacophony of clashing opinions. Read More

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder Contributes To Israel/Palestine Youth Music

October 2, 2014 |

Eddie Vedder is donating all proceeds of his recently released cover of John Lennon’s Imagine to, an organisation that aims to nurture peaceful ties between Israeli and Palestinian youth through music.
Read More

Glad-Wrapped Bins: A Gradual Approach To The G20 Summit

September 29, 2014 |

It’s going to be a busy November.

With tension at rising levels in Australia after the National Terrorism Public Alert System was recently moved to ‘High,’ it seems that a significant amount of pressure is being placed on organisers of the G20 to ensure maximum security for public areas surrounding affected venues and transport facilities as the attention of the world is fixed- for a brief period- on our humble River City. Read More

‘On My Mind:’ Powderfinger’s John Collins On Hopes For Upcoming Venue

September 24, 2014 |

The news has long been out that a new live music venue awaits the glass-coated suburb of Newstead, owned by none other than veteran Powderfinger bassist John Collins. Read More


September 18, 2014 |

The term ‘more than you can shake a stick at’ would be an apt term to reference the scrum of delegates, journalists, managers and musicians who made their way to Fortitude Valley’s Judith Wright Centre early on Wednesday morning, September 10th. Even more so if you had several sticks, and five hands. Read More

Kingswood At RICS Bar

September 18, 2014 |

It had been a big two days in Brisbane, and the echoes from BIGSOUND had barely died away before crowds milled into a packed out Rics Bar on Friday night, ready for a show inevitably involving noise, hair, and more noise. Read More

Blue-Blooded Rockers Set To Blaze Trail In Brisbane

September 11, 2014 |

After winning the Headspace National Bands Competition to play at Big Day Out in 2013, the MX Local Love Competition earlier this year for Brisbane’s Valley Fiesta, as well as releasing their second EP in time for Father’s Day, four-piece act The Royales have found a welcoming home in The River-City. Read More

Velociraptor: Album Release Tour @ The Brightside

August 31, 2014 |

Velociraptor: a band whose exploits as a home-grown garage/pop rock act will have any lover of Brisbane’s indie scene itching to move.

The highly adaptable band on Friday welcomed back the members of the DZ Deathrays to their ranks, progressing … Read More