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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 26, 2020

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AboutRhiana Jay, Author at The Creative Issue

Rhiana Jay

Rhiana Jay

My name is Rhiana Jay; I like to live vicariously through film and performing arts and then write about it. As a writer for The Creative Issue, I hope to explore, discover and promote the arts that Brisbane has to offer, and to (hopefully!) improve as a writer and observer whilst doing so.

Posts By Rhiana Jay

Interview with ‘A Bigger Splash’ Director Luca Guadagnino

April 7, 2016 |

Luca Guadagnino is an Italian filmmaker best known for his 2009 film ‘I Am Love’, and his frequent collaboration with actress Tilda Swinton. I had the opportunity to speak with Luca about his latest film, ‘A Bigger Splash’, which is in cinemas now.

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Hannah Gadsby’s ‘Dogmatic’ at the Brisbane Powerhouse

March 22, 2016 |

What do handfuls of turd, corn on the cob, the pouch of Douglas and Taylor Swift have in common? Find out in Hannah Gadsby’s latest show ‘Dogmatic’!

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The Cine-Retro Film Society At The Old Museum

March 4, 2016 |

The Cine-Retro Film Society (CRFS) has a number of upcoming monthly screenings taking place at the iconic Brisbane institution, The Old Museum. If you have a passion for classic cinema or if you’re curious about experiencing film ‘ye olde way’ (with 16 or 35 mm projection), you should definitely attend.

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Morbid Things You Can’t Un-Know: A Review of Caitlin Doughty’s ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes…’

February 8, 2016 |

When Caitlin Doughty was 23, she scored her dream job… as a cremator of human remains. Caitlin’s memoir, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes and Other Confessions from the Crematorium, is an enlightening, hilarious, gruesome and ultimately refreshing portrayal of Caitlin’s foray into the world of the dead.

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Brisbane Underground Film Festival 2016 – Meet the Founder Nina Riddel

February 5, 2016 |

Today we see the annual Brisbane Underground Film Festival (BUFF) return to New Farm for its highly anticipated sixth season.

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