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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 16, 2021

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Bang! Bang! My baby shot me down

Bang! Bang! My baby shot me down
Auran Abraham

No stranger to stage and screen, Rhonda Burchmore comes to Brisbane Festival to show the dirty dreamscape of sultry sin that dazzles and shimmers beneath her skin.

With an impressive background in theatre, performance and music Rhonda Burchmore takes to The Courier-Mail Spiegeltent with the furore of a woman possessed by the spirits of celebration and vice for her show Bang! Bang!. Combining the showiness of a high production pop-star concert, the soulfulness of a born and bred diva, and the erotic fantasy of a bachelorette party, Rhonda takes a step into the shadows to let her alter-ego Ruda (who is a lot ruder) take centre stage.

Rhonda shares this stage with some incredibly toned male dancers Hilton Denis, Dayton Tavares, and Caio “from Brazil” Souza, as well as her vocal counterparts Rob Mills, Geoffrey Winter and the stunning Claire Walters all of whom bring the oral A-game to the stage amid the lights and sounds, and glitter.

All of the vocal and dance talent would have been for nought though, had it not been for the exceptional music talent that was backing the show’s performances, with Dominic Woodhead on keys, Darryl Bowers bringing percussive oomph, Kirsten Baade adding her funk-infused bass-line, and fifteen-year-old Chris Connelly displaying mastery of the electric guitar well beyond his years.

The show presented as a wet dream of party and excess and seemed aimed at perhaps a more mature audience seeking to bring an explosion of erotic levity into their lives for an evening. This could be seen for the simple fact of the age of the majority of the audience. Not to say that there was nothing in the performance for any other demographic, but it seemed on reflection, tailor made for taking your nan to have some fun with virile young men.

But for a shimmering night of talented singers in extravagant and sexy costumes, you can’t go wrong with Ruda!

Where:The Courier-Mail Spiegeltent
Treasury Brisbane Arcadia
Cultural Forecourt
QLD 4101
When: TUES 18 SEPT – 23 SEPT
How Much: $60 – $69
Website: Here

Other info:
Suitable for audiences 15+ years

Drug references
Sexual references
Sound pressure effects
Smoking on stage
Use of strobe, haze and bubble machines