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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 28, 2021

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Barely-there Beauty : NYFW

Barely-there Beauty : NYFW

| On 01, Oct 2014

While New York Fashion Week may have come to a close, Brisbane is in full Spring bloom. As we soak up that extra sun and begin to get some much needed colour back in our skin here are our six makeup tips from the runways of New York to carry off barely there beauty, a fresh faced look which perfectly accompanies Spring and Summer fashion vibes.

Hold the Mascara

The beauty bags of New York Fashion Week’s makeup artists were sans mascara, with lashes left bare and natural. Tip? Use an eyelash curler to open up the eye and make the lashes appear longer and thicker without being coated. This simple technique reaps real results naturally so you’ll no longer need to reach for that XXX VOLUMIIZINGGG Long Lash Effect clumpy gunk. This look is suited for Spring beach trips for obvious reasons, panda eyes are never chic.

no mascara


Flawless Foundation

This is definitely the most obvious and crucial step to achieving barely there beauty. Unless one of the lucky few, most of us girls have a few blemishes to cover up here and there. Dark circles under our eyes from those late nights partying…or more likely..studying. An un even skin tone or a few spots that, despite a daily skin care regime always seem to persist. After moisturising and priming, lightly apply a small amount of foundation to your finger tips and pat lightly onto your face to achieve blemish free, dewy skin. 



Brushed Brows

Brow brushing is in. Thicker natural brows always trump too thin, too arched or too pointy. A brow brush is the essential tool to achieve this look to streamline and neaten eyebrows. Brow gel can be used for particularly unruly brows and a pencil or powder can be used to fill in any gaps.



Rosy Cheeks

A touch of blush patted on the apples of one’s cheeks gives an added warmth to the face. Apply lightly with a large round brush, with peachy shades of blush perfect for a natural look.



Illuminated Eyes

For a more polished look a little attention to the eyes goes a long way. A thin winged flick a la Rag and Bone will instantly make your eye pop, or gold eye shadow as seen at Ralph Lauren will instantly add some glamour to your eye.



Tousled Buns

The runways of Philip Lim, J Crew and Nanette Leopre, among others, featured loosely tousled chignons. This effortlessly chic look kept high, messy and fuss free works perfectly with a fresh faced flawless look. Used perfectly with beach hair it gives a sense of carefree appeal.


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