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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | December 7, 2021

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Bargain fashion finds

Bargain fashion finds

| On 15, Jul 2013

We all are a little strapped for cash at the moment what with all those HECS fees, paying rent and of course this terrifying national debt crisis that has no means to an end.

But sometimes, a girl has got to heal those dwindling pockets with a little bit of fashion love.

So here are my top 5 places and tips for a bargain find.

1. Online

ASOSWe have been talking a lot about online shopping and rightly so.

It’s cheap, convenient and procrastination heaven.

If we are talking cheap than ASOS is your first point of call.

ASOS has it all – from designer labels such as See by Chloe, Alice Mccall and Paul Smith  to the humble, yet quality ASOS brand that can set you back a mere $20 for a lovely summer dress.

The website is super easy to navigate around and the range will send you into a world of fashion divinity.

Sales are very regular and who is going to say no to free shipping!

The return policy is fab, so if that $20 dress doesn’t fit, no worries just send it back.

2. Charity Shops

St Vinnies, Fortitude Valley. Image by David Jackmanson

St Vinnies, Fortitude Valley. Image by David Jackmanson

St Vinnies and Salvos are wonderful places.

Sometimes you strike it lucky and find a Chanel bag or an Armani jacket – seriously it’s well worth a look.

There are a lot of rather unsavoury items but give them a real good look and every now and then you’ll find a gem in the sand.

Plus, if the clothes don’t take you fancy, you are guaranteed to come away with bargain kitchen ware – think 50c per wonderful glass, $1.00 for a plate, seeped in character and books that will satisfy the must hungry of book worms.

Save money and give to a good cause. Now that’s what I call a rewarding shopping experience.

I have found that the St Vinnies in the valley and Paddington has some great stuff.

To find your nearest store head to there websites on the links above.

 3. Wardrobe Swaps

Clean up your wardrobe and add some new pre-loved goods at the same time

Clean up your wardrobe and add some new pre-loved goods at the same time

Invite your girlies over for a night of wine, cheese and wardrobe swapping.

Bring along all those pre-loved threads and share the love.

You might no longer like that denim jacket but your 90s loving friend might covet it dearly.

No longer fit those perfect jeans? Give them to a new home.

It’s a great way to spend an evening and an even better way to clear out your wardrobe and replace it with items you might actually wear.

I usually say “dig in, it’s there for the taking” but if you and your friends want to get a few extra dollars in the pockets why not make it an auction or suggest a price.

It’s going to be cheaper than any department store or vintage boutique.

4. Take a visit to grandma’s house


Take a trip down memory lane with grandma's old clothes

Take a trip down memory lane with grandma’s old clothes

Haven’t said hi to your grandma in a while?

Bring your best manners and home bakes and take a trip down memory lane.

It is no secret that vintage is in. We love a good old fur coat, original wayfarer ray bans and grandma’s old glow-mesh clutch.

If your dear nanna is anything like mine she will revel in telling you stories of old, where and why she bought that fur coat or how she wore that tartan skirt throughout the war.

Also, it pays to take a rummage through mum’s old clothes, or even her new ones.

It will feel like you are 5 again, playing dress ups in your mum’s closet.

Don’t be afraid to share clothes, fashion has no race, age or time barrier, it’s there for taking, so take it with outstretched arms.

5. Outlet Shopping


The word itself sends me into a spiral of happiness.

DFO Airport and DFO Jindalee can be hit and miss but if you are persistent you might just find last season’s bargain.

Stock changes depending on the month and I have found that they are best after stocktake sales as all the left over stock goes down to a whopping 70% discount.

There’s a wide range of stores, and in my experience I have found it great for shoes and underwear.

I know for all you fashionistas the words last season is the devil’s food but fear not, ‘last season’ does not deserve the hate mail it receives.

As I’ve always said, fashion has no rules, make last season’s trend, today’s revival.

Trends fade and style is eternal, so go off and recycle, reinvent and recreate.

There will always be a place for invention, so let’s get those bargain hunter caps on and chase those cheap and beautiful finds.