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Bask in Brisbane’s free fitness activities

Bask in Brisbane’s free fitness activities

| On 09, Dec 2013

Brisbane is booming with free fitness activities this summer and there’s no better time to get out in the sunshine and move.

Here’s some free activities to try this summer season:

  1. Council fitness activities: did you know the Brisbane City Council runs free fitness activities in parks around Brisbane? There’s everything from pilates and Tai Chi to Bootcamps and kids activities.
  2. Ride your bike: If you need to pick up that extra Christmas present you forgot to buy or some dip for a Christmas party, why not ride your bike to the local shops instead of driving? You’ll get your thirty minutes of exercise and your daily dose of Vitamin D.
  3. Go hiking: We’re so lucky to live in this beautiful country, why not explore more of it? There are plenty of hiking tracks in Brisbane and on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. So next time a friend suggests a day at the beach, why not incorporate a hike in the hinterland to start off your day.
  4. Swim: There is nothing more refreshing than diving into a pool after a long run on a hot day. Take your goggles and get your heart racing. The ocean is another fantastic place to get a workout by surfing, swimming or treading water.

So make the most of every blue sky and get sweating!