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Beer InCider Experience Top Picks

Beer InCider Experience Top Picks

| On 26, Sep 2014

The Beer InCider Experience took place at the Albion Park Raceway over the weekend, and it was a haven for beeries and foodies all over Brisbane. Fans of ales, lagers and sweet, sneaky ciders all came together to enjoy an abundance of alcohol, food, sunshine and entertainment.

With 130 beers and ciders from 35 independent breweries there was no shortage of booze, and the accompaniment of numerous local food trucks and stands were a welcome bonus.

We are forever the professionals here at Creative Drinks, and felt it was our duty to do some serious food and beverage tasting at the weekend long event- all in the name of research of course.

Sad you missed out on all the fun? You should be! But don’t despair we have a few new favourites to share with you, you may not be able to find them at your local but they are worth tracking down for a try.

Beer! It’s not called the Beer InCider Experience nothing. Our beer pick of the event was definitely the new release Hey Juniper from Killer Sprocket. This bad boy was exclusively launched at the event, and is an American style pale Ale with Juniper berries that gives it pine bitterness.  If you are a bitter beer fan, give this one a go.


More of a fan of sweet ciders? We’ve got you covered. Napoleone is a cider company made by winemakers, so their flavours are crisp and refreshing. Their ciders come in apple, pear, or apple and pear, and the apple and pear was hands down our go-to drink of the event. Summer is coming so stock up on these ciders to make those Sunday sessions even better.


What will I eat with all this? We hear you say, well Beerkary Bakery is an amazing pop up bakery concept that combines (you guessed it) beer and food. They had a stall full of goodies that were specifically designed to match the Hey Juniper beer launch and other Killer Sprocket products, so we gave a few treats a taste.


While their éclair with ground Caramalt, grilled apple custard, Juniper glaze and hop and malt glaze had us scrunching up our faces in flavour confusion, the cookie we tried definitely redeemed our experience. Chocolate, crystal malt cookie sandwich with caramelized white chocolate ganache with an Amarillo hope core (insert heavy breathing). It sounds amazing, and it was, case closed.


Martin Keetels’ first Beer InCider Experience was a huge success in our eyes, and we can only look forward to what he brings us next year.