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Best of Brisbane Fashion Online: Etsy

Best of Brisbane Fashion Online: Etsy

| On 16, Apr 2014

If you’re not already familiar with Etsy, get acquainted! It’s a fantastic way to find both new and vintage designs and the best part is you can support local business while you’re wearing their on-trend pieces.

Jewellery and accessories are never in short supply on Etsy, as it focuses on hand-made products, however there are also a few great fashion picks I’ve found that are sourced from Brisbane. So let’s jump in.

Rabbit and Fox Brooches. Image from

WhenFreddiemetLilly: First cab off the rank is When Freddie met Lilly. They feature gorgeous formal gowns that, though they look pricey at first glance, are actually very reasonable considering how high quality they are. Definitely give this one a look if you’re in need of a dress for a formal occasion. Their website is linked in their Etsy profile and also has a wide (and very pretty) selection of cocktail dresses that are worth a browse too.

EachToOwn: This store, owned by Kirsten Devitt, sells handmade jewellery and accessories. Each To Own has adorable brooches (check out the bunny and fox!!), earrings, necklaces, and more. Each piece is made using only paper and wood as materials. Amazing! They are also all unique designs made by the store owner. Definitely a great one to check out, especially for the adorable animal designs.

Thedeerandbird: The Deer and Bird have a plethora of beautifully designed jewellery. Not only are they locals but they have Brisbane inspired designs, which is super cool. They also focus on pop culture, with any and every reference you could want; from the Lion King to Audrey Hepburn to Facebook. The store currently has a buy 3 get one free deal so if this sounds like your style get in quick!

The Gardenia Skirt. Image from

alicenightingale: Alice Nightingale is a Brisbane-based clothing store that sells a lot of vintage inspired pieces. A personal favourite of mine is the Gardenia Skirt from their Spring Blooms collection, as seen on the left. I may or may not be considering adding a few of their items to my shopping cart as we speak…

Quirkville: Yep, you guessed it, it’s quirky! They describe their store as a “varied collection of treasures, wearables, curios, occasional vintage and one-off homewares.” Lots of interesting bits and pieces to look at that I’m sure would spice up any outfit. They are also open to customising pieces and doing special requests if you contact them through their account.

Bonus round! ableandgame: Able and Game isn’t a Brisbane-local store (it’s Melbourne based) however they sell adorable cards featuring Brisbane train station puns with sweet illustrations to accompany the wit. A few highlights are “you’re Wacol,” “Goodna gracious me you’re great,” and  “Darra many things I love about you.” So not technically from Brisbane, but still a total crack up and worth having a look.

If you enjoyed this post, please let me know what else you would like to see and also have a look at the Instagram edition. Check back next time for more!