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Best of Brisbane Fashion Online: Lookbook

Best of Brisbane Fashion Online: Lookbook

| On 23, Apr 2014

Welcome to part iii of the “Best of Brisbane Fashion Online” series. This episode: Lookbook.

Lookbook is all about style. Its members post head to toe shots of their favourite outfits with links to where they’ve purchased each piece from.

The styles you can find on Lookbook vary from high fashion to casual, a night out on the town to a day of shopping in the city. There’s something for everyone.

Sample of Kate’s looks. Image from

In the five years since its inception Lookbook has gained over a million members, so I’ve collated some of the best local looks for your fashion inspiration pleasure.

Kate N: 18 year old blogger Kate features a lot of monochrome looks with pops of colour throughout (very on trend for this winter), and a lot of her pieces are from unique boutiques which is a great way to find new places to shop! A few of my favourite looks by Kate are on the left.

Jessica Nicole: The 23 year old artist doesn’t post too often but when she does, it’s gold. Her style is dark and gothic but very elegant at the same time. Her hyped section is great to look through as well as it’s clear she gets a lot of her inspiration from it.

Kaylah Wanny: Kaylah’s Lookbook is probably my favourite of the bunch, if I had to pick just one. Her wardrobe has a lot of colour in it, always paired with cute shoes and pretty photoshoots. I particularly love her “down the rabbit hole” and “pink mint” outfits. Definitely give her page a visit if bright, springy colours are your thing.

Patrick’s “Suburbs” look. Image from

Patrick Jimmy Bell: 20 year old actor Patrick has a great profile if men’s looks are up your alley. He has a selection of casual to formal outfits, with consistently well styled images.

Elke Bonner: Elke is straight up rock n roll, lots of denim, layering, and leather. She’s got quite a few fans but hasn’t posted in a while which is a shame! She has a lot of looks though so plenty to go through if you want some cool inspiration for your wardrobe this winter.

Theresa Fryer: She’s a 20 year old filmmaker who wears a lot of black and red and plaid. Instant love. Some of her looks are dark and grungy but she’s got some light feminine style in her too. A great mix that is always photographed beautifully.

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