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Bey Dance Needs Your Help!

Bey Dance Needs Your Help!

| On 26, Nov 2014

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Liz Cahalan, founder of Bey Dance School, believes that every person in the world deserves the chance to learn how to dance.

Bey Dance School (based in Melbourne) has launched a Pozible campaign to help fund a studio warehouse that the students can call home. They are wanting to raise $15,000 for the studio deposit, mirrors, floors and renovations to the space.

The school specialises in teaching Beyonce-inspired choreography. Most first-timers transform into leotard-wearing, bootylicious crumping, glitter bedazzled mini Queen Bey’s by the end of a semester.

To date, the campaign has received just over $8,000 in pledges but there is only a short time left to reach their $15,000 target. They need your help now (pledge here).

Liz Cahalan, has offered rewards for pledges. A donation of $25 or more will get you a 2 for 1 dance class offer while $50 or more gets you a Bey Dance t-shirt.

As a special offer for anyone that pledges over $1000 to the successful campaign—Liz will fly out to whichever city the donator is based in and teach an exclusive workshop. This is a great idea for unique staff parties or hen’s nights.

Liz stresses the importance of a home-base for Bey Dancers. She wants to be able to provide a comfortable and consistent studio environment for her students. Liz drives the importance of the empowerment of the body and mind, that every person is a force to be reckoned with, much like the Queen B herself thinks.

Kids dancing beyonce

The students of the school are ambassadors for the empowerment of humankind. Everyone can be fierce, anyone can dance and everyone deserves the chance.

Please watch the Pozible Campaign video and if you feel inclined, pledge to Bey Dance School now to keep these philosophies afloat!

You can watch all the online videos on the Bey Dance facebook page (just another perk of the school, it offers online video clips of choreography so you can practice at home!) The facebook page also details sessions and times.

Pozible Campaign

Find Bey Dance on Facebook

You can find Liz Cahalan on youtube