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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 16, 2021

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BFM '20 Introducing: Kiara-Bella designs

BFM ’20 Introducing: Kiara-Bella designs
Bianca Aniceto

Welcome to The Creative Issue’s weekly coverage of Brisbane Fashion Month (BFM). Throughout October we’ll be introducing you to Brisbane’s top loveable and local brands featured in this year’s BFM shows and events. 

Introducing Kiara-Bella Designs (KBD), a high-end Australian-made clothing and swimwear brand made and designed by Kiara-Bella herself. At 19, Kiara-Bella has noticed society’s need for exclusive, handcrafted ethical clothing and since beginning her brand, Kiara-Bella is the epiphany of luxe clothing, creating unique designs made from high-quality materials.

Inspired by feelings of love, romance, warmth and light, KBD’s goal is to inspire each woman to feel confident and beautiful. The Kiara-Bella woman is sophisticated, she’s radiant, people are naturally drawn to her light and her easy-going nature. She is beauty, she is grace – this is what KBD’s designs and nature encapsulate through the luxurious materials and bright colours.

Kiara-Bella herself draws on inspiration from her childhood, she looks back fondly on her younger self drawing up dresses and gowns, folding and pressing paper to mimic her ideas. Designing is in her DNA, her very spirit and soul. Despite her young age, Kiara-Bella aspires to make a difference in world fashion, and that she is.

Additionally, with a deep interest and love for couture fashion, Kiara-Bella also features fashion illustrations now available on her website.

Don’t miss out on seeing Kiara-Bella Designs on the BFM runway on the 17th of October 2020 from 2:00-4:00pm, book tickets here.