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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 17, 2022

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BFM '20: Introducing Red Ridge The Label

BFM ’20: Introducing Red Ridge The Label
Bianca Aniceto

Welcome to The Creative Issue’s weekly coverage of Brisbane Fashion Month (BFM). Throughout October we’ll be introducing you to Brisbane’s top loveable and local brands featured in this year’s BFM shows and events. 

Introducing Red Ridge the Label, this Queensland-born brand is dedicated to supporting local Aboriginal artists through integrating unique designs and pattern within their clothing pieces.


Red Ridge the Label draws inspiration from classic Australiana – using traditional landscape colourings and outback scenery to mix together nature and modern clothing. To keep it local, Red Ridge also produces their garments and accessories locally in Queensland.

Red Ridge the Label’s first collection, Diamantina, features artwork and designs from Wangkangurru and Yarliyandi women, Aulpunda ‘Jean’ Barr-Crombie and Anpanuwa ‘Joyce’ Crombie. The sisters are also known under the name Two Sisters Talking state that this form and way of art continues to teach younger generations of Aboriginal stories and traditions.

Their debut collection truly embraces the western Queensland culture by using a variety of earth tones (brown, beige and blues) and patterns that share the journey from the desert to the river.

Diamantina, was inspired by the sister’s deep, overwhelming, appreciation of the country, this is expressed and shown through the garment’s quality and printing. Made from silk printing or natural linen fibres, these fabrics complement one another.Through viewing art as a form of communication and connection, the sisters’ have created a meaningful, purposeful wearable art.

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