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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 25, 2022

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BIFF: Q&A with the makers of The Railway Man

BIFF: Q&A with the makers of The Railway Man

| On 24, Nov 2013

Throughout the Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF), guests present seminars, lectures and Q&A’s, informing their audience the wonders and magic of film.

Christopher Brown (producer), Jonathan Teplitzky (director) and Patti Lomax (wife of Eric Lomax) attended a Q&A for The Railway Man, a movie about prisoner-of-war Eric Lomax, starring Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman.

During the seminar, the three revealed the development stage of the film and how each actor prepared to play Eric and Patti Lomax.

Patti met with the actors that wanted to learn more about the characters they were about to portray, specifically Colin Firth and Jeremy Irvine who both play Eric Lomax, old and young respectively.

Patti explained how Nicole Kidman originally refused to meet up due to Nicole’s unique way of getting into character.

Unfortunately for Nicole, press photos were required of her, Colin, Patti and Eric prior to shooting.

Thankfully, within the first moments of Nicole standing in Patti’s doorway, Patti offered her a cup of tea and suddenly the two of them were getting along like old friends.

Christopher, Jonathan and Patti continued their Q&A with lovely, funny and eye-opening anecdotes, leaving the audience in awe at the huge production The Railway Man was.

If you missed The Railway Man at BIFF this year, fear not! The official Australian release will be December 26th, with the book relaunching on December 12th.

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