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Billykart Kitchen

Billykart Kitchen

| On 08, Jun 2014

Billykart Kitchen is a licensed café in the leafy inner streets of Annerley serving casual yet sophisticated food in a relaxed, family-friendly environment.

Billykart is owned by celebrity chef Ben O’Donoghue who is known for his adventures with Curtis Stone on ‘Surfing the Menu’. This love for locally sourced produce served in a simple fashion shines through the menu. The menu is sparse with each dish demanding attention and care.

With a sprawling herb garden in the back yard and fresh chilies growing along the fence, the excitement for fresh, wholesome food increases.

bk1I recently visited Billykart for breakfast and was not disappointed. With Campos coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice and the smell of frying bacon and fresh pastries in the air, Billykart is a café I could happily while away my day in.

I opted for my dining out breakfast staple of scrambled eggs on sourdough toast with a side of roasted Portobello mushrooms and smoked bacon. With the danger of being stodgy and sending me back to bed with a food coma, the dish was perfectly sized with light, fluffy eggs. The smoked bacon seemed endless and whilst the Portobello mushrooms could have been improved with some of Billykart’s fresh herbs, they were seasoned to perfection and were bouncy and perfectly cooked. bk5

The dish to recommend, however, would be the crispy corn fritters with grilled avocado and heirloom tomatoes. As soon as the dish was placed on the table the fresh scent of basil and coriander surrounded us. The corn fritters were even fluffier than my scrambled eggs and the dish was lovely and light providing a healthy, invigorating start to the day.bk3

Whilst I’m not one to usually order muesli, Billykart’s option looked delicious. It was a quinoa Bircher muesli topped with apple and dates, roasted coconut, hazelnut and pecan. It looked sensational and was probably the most filling dish at the table!


Serving breakfast and lunch six days a week and with a Friday night dinner service, Billykart should become a local favourite for anyone that lives on the south side and a destination spot for the rest of Brisbane.


What: Billykart Kitchen

Where: 1 Eric Crescent, Annerley

When: Tues-Sun from 6.30am

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Local Hero

Billykart delivers delicious, fresh, simple food with a relaxed, comfortable vibe.