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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 13, 2019

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Bobby Alu Sunset Cruise

Bobby Alu Sunset Cruise

| On 28, Sep 2013

In the heart of the bustling Brisbane city, a small boat cruised along the river, moving on Island Time.

Bobby Alu’s Sunset cruise was the next best thing to running away to a tropical island. With flowers wrapped around hand rails and passengers donning Hawaiian skirts and gypsy skirts, the atmosphere was irresistible.

Image: Nikki Keating

Image: Nikki Keating

Celebrating the release of their newest album, Take It Slow, on the 21st the members of Bobby Alu did just that.

The author of this article has no aversion to dancing with strangers and boy, oh boy, did she get down. Bongo drums, maracas, guitars and a voice that took you all the way to the Pacific and back, everyone on board the Lady Brisbane was shaking hips and dipping shoulders with the people around them.

For the uninitiated, Bobby Alu, fronted by the man himself, is a mix of Fat Freddy’s Drop, Jack Johnson and Ben Harper, and based on crowd comment, quite easy on the eyes.

I spoke to Bobby about the unusual choice for their latest gig and was greeted by a man with quite possibly the coolest demeanor I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

“We didn’t want our next gig to be somewhere in the valley or the city, where people would have to dress up. We wanted people to be able to wear what they want, act and dance how they want, and not be restricted by rules,” Bobby told me as we stood by a table covered in vegetarian platters and merchandise.

Image: Nikki Keating

Image: Nikki Keating

“When our man Paulie B thought of a little cruise ship we knew it would be perfect.”

I was not arguing. Anyone who has a no high heels policy printed on the ticket has my approval.

Bobby tipped his green transparent visor at me, gave me a huge grin and grooved on over to another group of dancers. When I say ‘grooved’ I literally mean ‘grooved’. Walking doesn’t describe how fluidly this man wandered off.

The rest of the night was greeted with wine, beer, and more sweet sounds. I can say that dancing along the water, into the sunset and sparkling city lights could only be improved by one thing; a platter of chicken nuggets for the carnivores. And they certainly brought the goods.