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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 20, 2021

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Boneyard Supply Co.

Lucinda Bayly

Brisbane’s one stop online street-wear shop has now set up residence in Paddington!  Stepping into the Boneyard Supply pop up shop, I immediately feel slightly overwhelmed with nostalgia – I am being temporarily transported back in time to 2009, and I am standing in my high school self’s ultimate fantasy:  a well-dressed bad boy’s bedroom. 

I am surrounded by flat-caps, snap-backs and backpacks.  Simple tees line the walls, carefully flattered by knitted jumpers and ostentatious button-ups. Boneyard Supply founder, and Cartel barman Sean Bate, is a local Brisbane skater who, becoming fed up with the lack of good mens’ street-wear stores around Brisbane, made Boneyard Supply his lovechild.

We sat down with the man behind the store to find out what Boneyard Supply is all about.


What inspires you?

A lot of things – positive pro-active people inspire me a lot! The D.I.Y. attitude and aesthetics of hip-hop, punk, graffiti and skateboarding really inspire me as well. In particular artists like: Mf Doom, J Dilla, The Avalanches, Madlib, Pro era crew, Dune Rats, Gung Ho, The Millions, Barry McGee, Neckface, Mark Whalen , Shida, Vaughn Bode, Lister, Horfe, Os Gemeos, Stefan Marx and Skaters / surfers (I cant surf) like Louie Barletta, Alex Knost, Ozzy Wright, Captain Good Vibes, Mark Gonzales, Callum Paul, Anthony Pappalardo, clay marzo, Rick MCcrank, Lucas Puig and lots more!


What inspired you to start Boneyard Supply Co?

I was just fed up with not being productive and being lazy. I also noticed my friends and I were buying a lot of stuff from overseas websites which would take a few weeks sometimes to arrive and would often cost a lot in shipping. Not to mention we weren’t helping the retail situation in Australia. So I guess I felt as though there was a bit of a gap for an online, Australian skate and street-wear retail site.  At the moment though it is a goal to set up a bricks and mortar store with a lot more emphasis on the skating side of things.


How do you choose the brands you stock?

I just sat down with a few good friends and made a big list, which we eventually turned into a short list of about 10 brands. We were looking for unique brands, that had street and skating roots as well as appealing to everyone. We were also looking for brands that were ahead of the pack and leading trends rather than following them.


How do you think Brisbane’s fashion and skating culture is evolving?

 As far as guy’s fashion and skateboarding goes, unfortunately I feel as though things are evolving super slowly. Brisbane doesn’t seem to nurture these kinds of sub-cultures unlike Sydney, Canberra or Melbourne and because of this a lot of people move to these cities and it becomes a vicious cycle. I mean, comparing the skating facilities in Melbourne and Canberra to Brisbane is like comparing chalk and cheese! The state of Paddington skate park is an utter disgrace. The park retains water for up to 5 days after rain and is covered in cracks and general decay. The Brisbane City Council should be embarrassed and worried about the decrepit, out dated and dangerous skate facilities they have built and not maintained. If it wasn’t for guys like Scotty Shearer and the crew at B.S.A (Brisbane Skateboarding Association) I really couldn’t see things improving here at all.


To check out the threads, you can either pop down into the temporary store at 33 LaTrobe Terrace, Paddington, open from 10am until 5pm 7 days a week until March 10th…
or visit


Facebook: here

Instagram: @boneyard_supply