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Book Review: Eleanor And Park

Book Review: Eleanor And Park

| On 29, Sep 2014

Set over the course of one school year back in 1986, Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell reminds the audience what it’s like to be in love for the first time.

Remember how you thought you’d be together forever? How the world seemed to have found a new light source and now revolved around your high school partner, who appeared to have replaced the sun in the world you now lived in?

Your first love. A high school love. Eleanor and Park.

eleanorBoth of these young teenagers have qualities that ensure they’ll have a hard time fitting in 1986 high school. Park is half Korean, opening up the racial discourse that is all too common in a place filled with angsty teenagers.

Eleanor dresses weird; she wears what Park describes as bandanas around her wrists, with patches over her jeans and a hair tangled mess popped atop of her head. She always reminds the reader of her weight, and how people around her seem to notice it too.

Despite these flaws, these two teenagers find themselves learning to love one another, whether they’re willing to admit it or not.

eleanor03There are moments within the novel that really hit hard; such as Eleanor’s stepfather and the financial situation that makes her, and her significantly younger siblings, share a room.

This is perfectly juxtaposed with Park’s life, with a happy family who are financially blissful, they can afford random 80s knick-knacks to scatter around their house.

While the overall story line was sweet and innocent, the book still had its good and its poor moments.

The romantic arc between the two characters feels rushed, with a sudden interest creeping out of nowhere.

However, Eleanor’s family life is rather engaging and leaves the reader wanting to find out more. This is what gripped me.

Fortunately, this story is a perfect choice for those looking for a melts-your-heart love story, with the random moments of what-are-you-doing? strewn in between.

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