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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 12, 2020

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Book Review: Hyperbole and a Half

Book Review: Hyperbole and a Half

| On 07, Apr 2014

Internet memes may draw attention into someone’s unique talents, such as the overly attached girlfriend and her remarkable parody of Justin Beiber’s Boyfriend, or “ALL THE THINGS” and Allie Brosh’s amazing online blog and equally amazing ‘self help’ book.

However, this book isn’t a “this is how you should live you life” sort of ‘self help’ book, but more of a “I’ve been through something you’re currently going through and this is how I dealt with it, so maybe consider something similar or understand everyone deals with things differently so don’t give up!”

The book is almost 400 pages long. “…To put that in more relatable terms, if the pages in my book were legs, there would be enough legs for about fifty spiders,” Allie explains on her blog.

This beautifully printed book emphasises everything that makes Allie’s blog awesome.

She has a basic representation of herself drawn with a pink dress, yellow ponytail and white skin. Her size may differ depending on the timeline of the story and whether or not she is placed next to an adult or a child.



The artwork doesn’t stop at her. There are drawings of ‘simple dog’ and ‘helper dog’ as well as houses (inside and out), other people, hoodies and DVDs.

Writing with a clear sense of humour amongst her problems, she allows people to see the silly side of things, like how finding a single piece of corn under a fridge changed her life direction.

At times I wonder how this book was labelled ‘self help’ at the local bookstore as Allie talks about how her 10-year-old self address her as “25 year old” and not “25-year-old self.”

Regardless of the genre, this colourful bundle of pages offers a lot of humorous stories that makes you realise you’re not the only loon on this planet.