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Book Review: If I Stay

Book Review: If I Stay

| On 06, Oct 2014

Mia is faced with a hard decision; either give up her first love – music – to stay with her family, friends, and boyfriend, or to leave and follow her musical heart.

Those choices long vanished from her mind one February morning when, suddenly, Mia is waking in the back seat of her family car to her severely injured younger brother, and her not-breathing parents in the front seats.

She doesn’t remember the car crash, just the events that occur afterwards. Mia watches as her body gets taken by the ambulance and transported to a bigger hospital where she undergoes operations to ensure she keeps breathing.

Throughout Mia’s comatose state, she thinks about her current life and the big choice she has to make; should she stay?

Author Gayle Forman has written a lovely short novel with just over a hundred pages that could easily be devoured in a day (granted you have nothing to do that day!)

if i stay 01The writing style is simple and pleasant, focusing on telling the story and not flourishing sentences more than she needs to.

Mia is a fantastic character, showing the unique musical talents handed down by her father, and yet showing how little she belongs in her family at the same time.

While reliving Mia’s memories, the reader gets so caught up in the happiness of it all, then suddenly Gayle takes us back to the hospital and reminds us of Mia’s current circumstance.

Yet, without the despair sewn throughout the story, these happy memories wouldn’t appear as charming, in their simple yet wonderful ways. It’s a kind reminder to the reader that happiness and sadness work hand-in-hand.

If I Stay has recently released a movie adaption staring Chloe Grace Moretz.

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