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Book Review: Off Track Planet's Travel Guide For The Young, Sexy And Broke

Book Review: Off Track Planet’s Travel Guide For The Young, Sexy And Broke

| On 23, Jan 2015

Reading, travelling and reading about travelling; these are joys that are shared by many, and there are endless travel guides available out there to satisfy any case of bookworm or wanderlust. Off Track Planet’s Travel Guide For The Young, Sexy And Broke offers something a little different, however. Perhaps a little unorthodox in comparison to your typical travel guides, it offers insight into globetrotting in an educational and entertaining manner that is relevant to our society of new-experience-addicts.

off track


Rather than focussing on just one destination, spoon-feeding you information that you could just as easily Google yourself, the book is broken up into three parts. The first, titled “Get Inspired”, is divided into interests such as adventure and extreme sports, fashion, food, music, art, partying and all that other good stuff that we venture overseas to breathe in. It tells you what the best countries are in relation to each interest, such as the Rickshaw Run in India for you adrenaline junkies, or the Open Sky Museum in Chile for you artsy fartsies.




Part two, titled “Get Your Shit Together” is a guide for unseasoned travellers, offering organisation tips and tricks, such as planning and research, budgeting, health and safety and all that important adult stuff we often miss amongst the excitement of packing our suitcase. It even provides detailed advice on how to use the different toilets of the world. Where was this book when I went to Dubai?




Part three, titled “Make Yourself Useful”, is surprisingly insightful in comparison to the earlier, cruder, more naughty-word-ridden chapters. This part is dedicated to volunteering and helping those in need while abroad; it’s easy to forget that while you’re on holidays, animals, people and the environment are still suffering. This section of the book tells you how you can help, what fundraisers you can get involved in and what missions you can volunteer at.




Off Track Planet’s Travel Guide For The Young, Sexy And Broke is a great read, full of interesting and sometimes shocking facts. As the title suggests, it’s a great guide for young singles who don’t want to spend a lot of money and just want to have a damn good time and let go of all inhibitions. If you’re more interested in truly experiencing the history of a country and going full tourist, it may be best to stick to your more location-specific Lost Planet travel guides.


Image credits: Ana Paula Buzzo