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Book Review: Rot and Ruin

Book Review: Rot and Ruin

| On 26, Aug 2014

The best part about Rot & Ruin is following the story of someone who has only known the post-apocalyptic, zombie-ridden world.

Benny Imura was just a little baby when zombies clambered their way down the streets, devouring all the human flesh in sight.

15 years later, in a gated off community of 28, 000 people, Benny and his friend Chong are in search of a job to help earn them monthly rations.

Author Jonathan Maberry cleverly introduces and explains the types of roles within society throughout the job finding exposition, allowing the reader to soak up the new way society is run.

Benny’s older brother by 16 years, Tom, currently works as a unique zombie hunter, exiting the gated community on bounty hunting jobs, seeking out ‘dead’ family members and killing them for good (severing their spine near their neck).

It’s a job Benny doesn’t want to do, but soon realises it’s probably the only okay one he can choose from.

The novel explores two viewpoints in regards to the post-apocalyptic world; the people who knew the world before it was taken over, and the people who never got a chance to see ‘normal’ society.

The juxtaposition between the two offers amazing perspective on what it would be like to live in a post-apocalyptic world, whether it were to happen to us right now, or if we were born straight into disaster.

rot-and-ruin_350Meanwhile, Benny learns from Tom the ways of zombie hunting and why Tom carries out the job in a way different to the rest.

As well as Benny’s brother Tom, there are several supporting characters throughout the entire novel that are just as intriguing and worth devoting time to.

While a beautifully written novel, the target audience is for teenagers around Benny’s age, and thus have moments where it feels a little dumb-downed.

Fortunately the overall preface of the book wins hands down, with the many differing characters helping keep the story exciting and fast-paced.