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Books for Cooks: A Fitzroy Delight

Books for Cooks: A Fitzroy Delight

| On 28, Apr 2015

There are few things I love more than food and books, and a remarkable shop on Gertrude St, Fitzroy combines the two.

Anyone who knows Melbourne knows that Fitzroy is a hub of small, independently own shops, with something to cater to everyone’s needs. For me Books for Cooks certainly fills that need. Inhabiting the bottom floor of an 1850s terrace home, the shop is rather nondescript, but with a laden display of the latest big cookbook release in the front window. Just by peering in the door, you’ll see towering shelves and think to yourself that there couldn’t possibly be that many cookbooks available. This shop is out to prove you wrong.

Inside, every wall is covered with tall bookshelves, all of them full to the brim with every cookbook you could think of. The front table boasts an impressive display of new releases, from the latest celebrity chef book of recipes for the Paleo Diet, to a beautifully curated book of Icelandic recipes. No matter your tastes, there’s a book to suit every cuisine in Books for Cooks.

Venture further into the store and the delights continue. The shop houses not only new titles and new editions, but vintage cookbooks that probably hold your grandparents’ favourite recipes from when they were young. Stored in tall glass case, they’re not readily available for consumption but they’re a delight to look at or splurge on if you have the chance. Nestled near these books are a few cozy armchairs, perfect for the chance to relax, unwind, and plan what you’re having for dinner as you flip through the endless selection.

More into cocktails than cooking? Never fear. Books for Cooks hosts an impressive number of books on how to make some of the most exquisite cocktails you’ll ever taste. If you’re a wine buff, there’s a large selection on winery tours around Australia and the rest of the world, a comprehensive range of books on the best wines in the nation, and anything else that my tickle your fancy.

Delve even deeper and you’ll find my personal favourite part of the shop. The back room is almost entirely stocked with Woman’s Weekly cookbooks, from the old classics I used to treasure as a child, the ones my mother inherited from her mum, to the latest release from the reliable range. There’s always something to choose from and it’s always a challenge to leave without making at least one purchase.

It may be a small shop but if cooking is your thing, then Books for Cooks can do you no wrong.

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Books for Cooks is open Monday to Saturday, 10 – 6, and Sunday, 11 – 5, and located at 233 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.