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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 20, 2022

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Boss Babe: 'Blushed' by Teagan Jacobs

Boss Babe: ‘Blushed’ by Teagan Jacobs
Bianca Aniceto

If you’re interested in tulle fabrics, delicate details, whimsical vibes and ethical clothing then we found the perfect store for you!

This week at The Creative Issue, we interviewed Perth-based fashion designer, Teagan Jacobs, owner of ‘Blushed’ by Teagan Jacobs, to discuss everything from her current collection, Ballet Baby, to her creative methods and career as an entrepreneur.

The Creative Issue: Tell us a bit about yourself + your brand

Teagan Jacobs: My name is Teagan Jacobs and I am the creative director and designer at The Western Australian based label ‘Blushed’ by Teagan Jacobs. I am an ethical and conscious women’s wear designer. Each piece is made to order by myself. There are no factories or sweatshops here! I currently do all the pattern making, cutting, sewing, marketing, website management and creative directing myself.

TCI: Your newest collection, Ballet Baby, features a variety of soft pinks and red shades made from mesh and tulle fabric. What inspired you to create this collection and what drew you to use these materials?

TJ: Ballet Baby draws inspiration from my childhood. I was a passionate dancer up until the age of 17 and it was a huge part of my childhood. Collections I create are usually drawn from my life experiences, that’s why each collection I make is held so closely to my heart, everything I create is deeply personal and thought out. I used to design my dance costumes from the age of about 5, so I was very much surrounded by layers of tulle and soft pinks for most of my life.

TCI: Your philosophy for ‘Blushed’ is that each garment is designed with the intent that it can be layered, mixed, matched and styled completely different every time. What are a few different ways you like to style your pieces?

TJ: I love mixing delicate items with very informal things, tulle dresses with sneakers is something I really love doing, it really gives the wearer an opportunity to wear something super dressy but make it informal and casual.

TCI: In your wardrobe, what’s your favourite item of clothing?

TJ: Not an item of clothing, but Chloé is a brand I’ve adored for so long, and a few years ago I finally splurged and bought my dream bag- a Chloé pink Drew Bag. It holds such sentimental value to me, it’s so gorgeous and looks like it was made for me.

TCI: Since 2013 your brand has been on the Runway and making headlines in a variety of magazines, like Frankie Magazine and Elegant Magazine to name a few. These are, of course, massive achievements for your business, but where do you envision ‘Blushed’ to be within the next 5 years?

TJ: Thank you! I really hope to one day own an independent retail store, it’s something I can’t stop imagining. I really want it to be an interactive experience, for the customer to immerse themselves in my dreamy pink world.

TCI: What can we expect from ‘Blushed’ in your future collections?

TJ: I like to stay consistent to my name so you will still see the same floaty fabrics and dreamy colour palettes. I have so many ideas I can’t wait for you to see!

TCI: What led you into becoming an entrepreneur, was it something that you always wanted to do, or did you happen to stumble into it?

TJ: I definitely stumbled into it, but it’s something that has been present my whole life. My parents and other family members own small businesses so I did grow up thinking my dreams were always possible and nothing seemed out of the reach for me, because so many people I grew up with were living their dreams and being their own bosses.

TCI: As a designer and a creative, what do you like and what don’t you like about the fashion industry in Australia?

TJ: I’ve truly met some amazing people through the fashion industry here in Perth. Some of my closest friends are photographers and makeup artists. I wouldn’t say there’s anything I didn’t like specifically about the fashion industry in Australia. There’s always room for growth and improvement especially here in Perth, but fashion is definitely better than it was 5 years ago.

TCI: Do you have any advice for aspiring designers?

TJ: Don’t give up, it’s so easy to. Especially if you start to lose your drive and passion- remember why you started and keep at it. Make mood boards, stay true to yourself, even if it’s not on-trend, make it because you love it not because you think it’ll sell or it’ll be popular. Be authentic, and design from your heart.

TCI: Creative methods are different for each Creative, so can you tell more about your own creative process when it comes to designing?

TJ: Firstly I come up with a collection concept. This isn’t something I can force myself to do, it has to come naturally, usually inspiration strikes while travelling, watching a movie, listening to music, reading, or in nature. Next, I create a colour palette, my favourite part. I seek colour inspiration through Pinterest, playing with swatches or paint. After that, I source fabrics, then sketch, then sew.

TCI: When you’re not designing or sewing orders, what can we find you doing on your day off?

TJ: Having brunch, going to the movies, or filming for TikTok.

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