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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 24, 2021

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Boss babe: Isabel Wetten

Boss babe: Isabel Wetten
Bianca Aniceto

Isabel Wetten is the living definition of a boss babe. As the owner of The Bella Styling Co., founder of Rocket Girl Modelling and co-producer of Brisbane European Fashion Festival, we have to ask, is there anything Isabel can’t do? Oh, and of course she does it all in her heels and red lipstick too!

This week we sat down with Isabel to get an inside scoop about her career, her motivations, her day-to-day routine and how she keeps up with it all.

The Creative Issue: Tell us a little about yourself 

Isabel Wetten: I was born and raised in the Philippines where I did my university studies and moved to Australia 15 years ago. I am a lover of beauty, bravery, defiance of norm and resilience. I love fashion and most of all I love the work that is invested in it.

TCI: You’ve worked as a stylist for over 5 years – But how did you initially get into the fashion industry?

IW: I worked in corporate for 10 years and have always loved fashion. Someone told me one day that since I can dress myself that I should start helping people transform themselves to open up opportunities. Fashion and style has always been a part of my life. From raiding my mum’s wardrobe as she kept quite a bit of her 50’s, 60’s and 70’s pieces to watching runway shows. I completed my Personal Styling courses in 2016 and eventually found myself producing editorial shoots and fashion shows. I started as someone’s assistant in all those and learned from them.

TCI: What would happen in a typical day on the job for you?

IW: I ease into it gradually, I don’t particularly like the rush before the actual event/shoot as I think it dampens my mojo. When I feel the atmosphere is gradually increasing and that everyone is on a level playing feed I get into the groove and let’s say I’m unstoppable at that point.

TCI: What’s been your proudest achievement so far in your career?

IW: I have quite a few that I am proud of. Being published internationally on print and on-line, I am very proud of how I composed the looks for each editorial that I have done. Producing fashion shows is another one, the feeling of building something from scratch and seeing it unfold is exhilarating. Opening Rocket Girl Modelling as a launchpad for individuals to learn and start modelling.

TCI: Between running Rocket Girl Modelling and The Bella Styling Co. you’re also a mother as well, how do you manage to maintain two successful businesses and balancing mum-life? Do you have any advice for any working mother out there?

IW: Between all those, I have a full-time job as well in a financial planning firm. So another thing on top of that is like juggling ten cups of coffee on a unicycle while balancing on a plank with a ball underneath it. It’s a constant juggle but the thing is I chose to do this. I just take it day by day but have a solid plan and contingency plans in place. But above all this, the best and proudest role I have is being a mum and a partner. That’s something I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world.

TCI: How can styling be used as an advantage for those in the professional industry and why is it important?

IW: There is this misconception that personal styling is for the rich, celebrities and people in the limelight. Surprise! It’s not. Personal styling doesn’t mean you dress as if you are on the runway every single day. I always say that your life is your runway and you dress for that. You dress for your lifestyle and for your budget and for what you do. Dress for your audience to be relatable and to be well presented. There is an instant confidence boost as well when you know you look good and positivity follows through. All this to be taken as an advantage as you go out into the world.

TCI: Rocket Girl Modelling had its launch show, Extra, earlier this year, despite the current restrictions, do you have any upcoming plans for Rocket Girl Modelling?

IW: These restrictions have made us pause. We revolve around connecting with a large number of people and be in close proximity to everyone involved. I made a decision that we can’t risk it. There will be more shoots, shows and events in the future but for now, the priority is to stay safe so we can do what we love in the long run. I know there are such things as safety precautions but these days, you can never be too safe. So you will see us again.

TCI: You’re also the co-producer of the Brisbane European Fashion Festival – what was your motivation to jump on board this brand-new project?

IW:This event is going to be so exciting! I am friends with the other co-producers, Svetlana Wilson and Oksana Nest and I think bringing Europe to Brisbane is something that we have not seen before. I have brilliant ideas for this event and we are excited.

TCI: Going from that then, do you have any advice for any future entrepreneurs who are hoping to get ahead in your field?

IW: Work hard, make the necessary connections and do not hesitate to learn from the best. Start from the bottom so when you get to the top you understand how things work. Fashion will forever evolve, adapt and accept it’s changes and stubbornness doesn’t get you anywhere, hard work does. Do something that you love and you will be proud of yourself.

Through her business, The Bella Styling Co., Isabel has worked with many of Brisbane’s best industry professionals over the last five years. Isabel strives to build a wardrobe for her clients that reflects their lifestyle and goals by offering services that range from personal styling, refurbishing their wardrobe, and through helping them find their own unique style.

When Isabel’s not styling the runway or helping entrepreneurs and professionals find their own unique style, you can also find her working as a guest speaker reaching out and sharing her perspective on personal branding and styling, business and personal development.

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