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Brisbane Locals On Hosting The Mardi Gras

Brisbane Locals On Hosting The Mardi Gras

| On 31, Jan 2015

Feather boas and body glitter are being hunted out of the back of closets all around the country as the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras rears its fabulous head once again. As it returns for the 37th year in a row, bringing a strong statement of pride, diversity and acceptance, I can’t help but feel jealous that Brisbane is not host to the feel-good party of the year.


I asked Brissy locals how they would feel about hosting the Mardi Gras in our city, and received some inspiring responses.


Simon 23/01/15


Simon, 21, Solicitor

“The Mardi Gras festival is an integral part of the LGBTI community and its celebration of sexuality. I believe for Brisbane to host such an event it would present a firm step for the Queensland Government in positively supporting LGBTI rights and embracing diversity. It is important to keep accountability on Government policy as well in raising important LGMTI issues, especially in regards to same-sex marriage. I firmly believe it is in Australia’s “fair go” nature to support the diversity of love and allow two people of the same sex to become married legally, and the Mardi Gras keeps this issue topical.”


Sangeeta 23/01/15


Sangeeta, 25, Accountant

“As a diverse culture, we have shown our ability to accept others regardless of their background, gender and sexual orientation. I pride myself in being Australian as it demonstrates that I do not discriminate against others, and believe my country stands as an example of appreciating and accepting others. So yes, I believe Brisbane is long overdue to promote awareness for the gay and lesbian community with a fabulous celebration!”


Tim Dorman 24/01/15
Tim, 34, Chef
“I think it’d be great for Brisbane. They should also make it a public holiday.”
Bronwyn 25/01/15
Bronwyn, 53, Teacher
“Life is too short not to have a Mardi Gras in every city. Celebrate individuality.”


The locals of Brisbane share a strong sense of tolerance and the encouragement of celebrating our differences. As our city grows culturally and creatively, people from all walks of life are happy to embrace diversity and party on. So there you have it; Brisbane would love to have you, Mardi Gras!

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