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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 7, 2020

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Brisbane, the Creative City

Brisbane, the Creative City

| On 30, Aug 2013

What comes to mind when you hear the words, Creative City?

Maybe you think of culturally rich places like Melbourne, New York, or London.

Imagine if Brisbane was considered one of the world’s creative cities; bursting with performing arts, culture and collaboration, and successful creative practitioners.

Well, that’s the goal for our river city. Brisbane City Council (BCC) want creativity and culture to be a focal point for shaping our city’s future. Our Council also understand that young people make up a significant chunk of Brisbane (approximately 20.5%), and in particular it’s creative scene (BCC, 2013).

Which is why as part of BCC’s long-term community plan, Living in Brisbane 2026: Our Shared Vision, creating a Vibrant and Creative City is one of seven key visions for the future.

BCC engaged with the local community, and particularly young creative types, to draft the plan.

As part of the community consultation process, BCC encouraged young people of Brisbane to have their say and get involved in shaping our city’s future. Some of the questioned they asked included

– What do you love most about Brisbane?

– What do you like about this strategy?

– What are the trends, issues, and opportunities for the future that need more attention from Council, within our responsibilities as a local government?

BCC encouraged young people to get involved and have their say via social media. Posting ideas to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #bneSYP, and posting on Council’s Facebook mentioning #bneSYP are some of the ways BCC reached out to Brisbane’s youth (BCC, 2013).

It’s refreshing to know that BCC’s focus is to support young artists in making a living through their work, which is a major challenge within the creative industries. The plan is dedicated to creating a city ‘where young people are healthy, valued, resilient and confident young citizens who actively contribute to a better Brisbane.’

Brisbane’s Southbank markets

Our Lord Mayor is getting on board too, with the launch of the Young and Emerging Artists Fellowships Program.

This initiative aims to help develop artists and creative practitioners to achieve their career goals. Lord Mayor Graham Quirk says the program “supports young and emerging Brisbane artists and arts workers aged between 17 and 30” (BCC, 2013).

So with all of this emphasis on developing Brisbane’s creative scene, what exactly is going to be happening around the city I hear you ask!

BCC will organise a number of small-to-medium community festivals, and arts and cultural groups will bring together local cultures and history to connect people to their stories, music, art and food.

Council believe that these events, including the small, niche ones, will be discovered and embraced by the people of Brisbane.

Buskers at a street music festival in Switzerland

So if you’re an aspiring or active artist, singer, musician, innovator, cultural or creative enthusiast, get out there! Collaborate, perform, share your talent. One by one we can contribute to Brisbane’s creative arts scene, and help shape Brisbane into a Creative City.

Your future as a creative practitioner in Brisbane is bright!