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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 9, 2020

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Brisbane's Best Calamari

Brisbane’s Best Calamari

| On 10, Jan 2015

Anyone that has ever dined with me will know that calamari is one of my favourite dishes. Give it to me in any form and I am happy. But too often, calamari can be overcooked and rubbery, with bland seasoning and a disappointing aftertaste.

Luckily for all calamari addicts, we at Creative Drinks have scoured Brisbane for the best calamari that can be enjoyed all year long.



Whenever I see calamari on a restaurant menu, I beg my fellow diners that we order it. Fortunately for me, I can be quite forceful. One of Brisbane’s restaurants with the most ordered plates of calamari is Beccofino at Teneriffe. Their little spirals of joy are perfectly battered and seasoned to perfection, served on a bed of rocket and sprinkled liberally with lemon juice. All Southsiders can rejoice as Beccofino has opened a new restaurant, Julius at Southbank, that serves the same delicious calamari. Another standout restaurant option for calamari is at The Jetty on Oxford St at Bulimba. Not only is the batter on the twisty calamari crunchy and golden, it is also gluten free, making it a favourite amongst many of my coeliac friends. Alfred and Constance’s crispy calamari served with a sweet paprika mayonnaise is also delectable with the calamari resulting in many a burnt mouth as the smells from the plate are too delicious to resist.




One can never go past salt and pepper calamari. Or at least, I can’t. A standout salt and pepper calamari that is unfailingly delicious is at New Shanghai in Queens Plaza. The strips of calamari are large with the lightest of battering served with fried onion and chilli. Each bite is equally inviting, with the calamari seemingly rubber-proof, which is especially impressive given the size of the plate! Another tasty option for salt and pepper calamari is at Pony at Eagle Street Pier. This option has a serious spice kick with its volcanic black salt and Chinese pepper. Squeeze on some lime and let the spicy and sour flavours rejoice!

Worth a mention for delicious fish and chips is Swampdog at West End. With a focus on sustainability and, quite frankly, some of the best hot chips around, Swampdog never fails to please. Choose from either their crumbed and fried calamari option which gives you big, fat, juicy fingers of calamari meat or their salt and pepper squid, which are tender strips of crispy, spicy coating.




Last but not least, the new kids on the block, Coppa Spuntino on Creek Street, are serving a delicious dish of succulent squid tubes stuffed with salsiccia and served with a caponata. Whilst not following the status quo of the rest of the article, squid tubes that can be cooked so perfectly as they are at Coppa Spuntino can never be neglected.




So on your next meal out, I implore you to visit one of these restaurants and try their delicious calamari. Unless you’re allergic to seafood, you will not be disappointed! And if you are, take an EpiPen and enjoy it for as long as you can!


Image Credits: Images sourced from Creative Drinks. Swampdog photo sourced from @ellasquise, Beccofino picture sourced from the Beccofino Facebook page