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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 24, 2021

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Brisbane’s Best Comedians Set To Deliver An Exciting Hot Mess!

Brisbane’s Best Comedians Set To Deliver An Exciting Hot Mess!
BJ Connolly

On Sunday 4th October two of Brisbane’s best comedians Ting Lim and Sandeep Totlani are hosting an innovate new comedy show called “Hot Mess”. This show held at SideShow in West End creates the perfect opportunity for comedians to practice their best improvisation skills; as the shows concept consists of audience members deciding the topics that the comedians have to talk about on stage.

Ting Lim explains that “in the first show on 4th October, we are asking for topic suggestions from punters when they buy tickets, on which they want comedians to talk about. This is inspired by the improvised comedy show Set List where the comedians won’t know these topics beforehand and will have to come up with material about the topics on the spot. Based on this, the audience then votes and decides the funniest comedian of the night, who then wins a cash prize. The aim of this show is to engage audience members with the show and get comedians out of their comfort zone to deliver the funnies in its truest, most raw form”.

The line-up for this show features; the very cheerful Jemma Bayley who is known for her podcast series “Feedback Error”, Jacques Barrett a comic who has performed all over the world including a 12 month stint in the UK, the very extroverted Nick Carr (who will probably take his shirt off at some point during his performance), Taylor Edwards the co-founder of Big Fork Theatre and Lindsay Webb the master of crowd-work one of Brisbane’s greatest comedy exports who has performed alongside some of Australia’s most iconic comedians such as; Jim Jefferies and Wil Anderson.

“Both Sandeep and I have worked together and wanted to do something other than just traditional stand-up comedy for a while. So, when the opportunity presented itself to produce a show at Sideshow in West End, we got really excited and started discussing ideas. We could not zero down on just one idea as all of them were so good, and we decided we would do all that we could. Hot Mess is a unique comedy show in the sense that it combines traditional stand-up comedy that we know and love with a different concept in each show, testing the comedians’ skills says” Ting Lim.

In March 2020 Ting and Sandeep performed a hugely successful show at The Sit Down Fringe Festival called 50% Rice 50% Spice. This show gave audiences a hilarious perspective on life as immigrants who have moved to Australia from Asia. “We did a show called 50% Rice 50% Spice which we thought was an apt title considering our cultural heritage (Singaporean and Indian). It has been a pet project of ours since early 2019, when we did the show in Perth and sold out the entire season. We have since, performed it a few times and garnered positive reviews for the shows”.

Looking forward to the future Ting and Sandeep already have plans to turn their show into a monthly event and to also tour the show outside of Brisbane. “We have worked with each other over the years and are very comfortable collaborating with each other. We both absolutely love the concept of delivering comedy with a hint of spice and mixing things up a little bit. That is probably why we decided to produce Hot Mess Comedy together. We are really looking forward to the first night on 4th October at Sideshow in West End, but are working on a few things and possible regional shows going into the future”. Click the link below to buy tickets to Hot Mess.


When: Sunday 4th October 6:30pm

Where: SideShow 49 Vulture Street, West End

Ticket Price: $10

Link to Buy Tickets: Purchase Tickets To Hot Mess