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Brisbane's Best Fried Chicken

Brisbane’s Best Fried Chicken

| On 19, Nov 2014

Well we’ve done it. We’ve found Brisbane’s best fried chicken. And whilst it’s been tough, it’s never been tiresome.

Fried chicken is surprisingly easy to make. The first American cookbook, Mary Randolph’s “The Virginia House-Wife,’ published in 1824 used only a single sentence for the recipe.

Cut [the chickens] up as for the fricassee, dredge them well with flour, sprinkle them with salt, put them into a good quantity, boiling lard, and fry them until light brown.

This recipe is short enough to be tweeted and yet has spawned thousands of reimagining’s.

Fried chicken should be beautifully moist and juicy with crunchy, crispy batter. Whilst a bit of grease can never go astray, we shouldn’t need a bib to protect ourselves.

Being able to launch your mouth into a fried chicken drumstick is a true pleasure. Munching away on this succulent, spiced flesh is a happiness that knows no bounds and we here at Creative Drinks want to ensure that you can experience this level of happiness.

So here’s our lineup for the best fried chicken in Brisbane, whether it’s from the tradition of soul food or Seoul.


La Rotisserie

La Rotisserie, situated at Toowong and Newstead Gasworks, offers slow cooked meats, fresh salads, and rotisserie chicken. But their real standout is their ‘Not So Sinful’ Southern fried chicken. Normally, fried chicken is cooked for 20 odd minutes in a deep fryer leaving it far too oily for proper enjoyment. La Rotisserie cooks their chicken’s whole on the spit until just cooked then rolls it in their delicious Southern batter before a quick turn in the deep fryer. Still sinfully delicious but surprisingly healthy!


Bird’s Nest Yakitori and Bar

Bird’s Nest at West End has, hands down, the tastiest chicken Karaage I’ve ever had. These plump morsels of chicken are so tender that when you bite into them, the juice pools in the remaining half, beckoning you back for more. Served with a healthy dollop of Kewpie mayonnaise and fresh lemon, these spiced balls of deliciousness are worth a visit.



The Koreans love their fried chicken. So much so that they’ve created a new word for it, ‘chimaek’. Chi, for chicken, and maek, for their preferred accompanying drink beer, or maekju. Chimaek is heavily endorsed by students as it is a cheap, filling and tasty meal. Korean chicken is a growing trend in Australia with many venues serving it but Sukachi is definitely one of the best in the city. With many sauce options to choose from, their hot and spicy sauce is seriously good.



Libertine at the Barracks is a fancy, beautifully decorated French-Vietnamese restaurant. The dishes are cooked with care, the cocktail menu is extensive and exciting and their Hanoi spiced popcorn chicken makes you want to snuggle up in bed with a full bowl. Served with kimchi mayonnaise, these tiny and tempting bites of chicken nestle together in a Chinese takeaway box that is so much better than what your local takeaway can offer.



Moga is a seriously chic Japanese restaurant in Rosalie Village. With a robata grill for hot coal grilled meats, market fresh sashimi and Izakaya dining, Moga cures all your Japanese cravings. Their chicken Karaage is fresh and tasty and perfect as a snack. Although it’s so delicious, it’s worth having a meal revolve around it!


Carolina Kitchen

Carolina Kitchen, in Camp Hill, is Brisbane’s representative of America’s deep south. Bring on that heavy drawl, bring on dem ribs and definitely bring on dem pies. Carolina Kitchen has it all. And, ta-dah! They have deep fried chicken! Their Buffalo wings are freakishly good, with a slight vinegar hit. They’re packed with flavour and come with a bowl of blue cheese sauce that’s perfect for dipping either your wing or whole mouth into it’s so good. Make


Hot Star

This place is heaven. Seriously. All they sell is fried chicken and chips. And mushrooms. Random, but appreciated by our silly vegan friends. Hot Star is Taiwan’s favourite fried chicken chain and is expanding across the globe, bringing delicious, crispy chicken to every corner of the world. Their ‘original’ fried chicken is putting Colonel Sander’s recipe to shame and their ‘spicy’ chicken is ah-mahzing. Their Brisbane outlet is in Sunnybank and is most definitely worth the drive.


This short list is only the beginning of our love affair with fried chicken. A strong relationship requires commitment. We must, therefore, constantly return to these restaurants to reassure our beloved that we will never leave them. For how could we?



Image Credits: Images sourced from FoodSpotting, Pinterest, Worldcam and Creative Drinks