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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 28, 2022

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Brisbane's fashion photographer: Brie Conomos

Brisbane’s fashion photographer: Brie Conomos
Bianca Aniceto

If you’re keeping up-to-date in the world of fashion photographers keep your eye out on one name, in particular, Brie Conomos.

At 21, Brienna (Brie) Conomos has managed to work alongside some of Australia’s most recognisable brands since the beginning of her career as a professional photographer in mid-2017. Through her deep love for fashion and imagery, Brie has worked on regular campaigns for Nine Lives Bazaar, Before Anyone Else, YCL, DISSH, Wild Skincare, Fedoma Jewellery and Kimberley Anne. She has also continued to successfully work with Sabo Skirt, Universal, Shevoke, Stevie May, With Jean, SPELL, IMG Sydney, Peony, Zulu and Zephyr. In 2018, she assisted for Cosmopolitan Magazine, whilst having her work featured on Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘GOOP’ blog.

We managed to sit down with Brie at her home studio to ask a few questions about her career, photography tips, and the inside scoop on being a successful creative at 21.

TCI: Since you began your photographer career in mid-2017, your career has skyrocketed. But how did you get started in photography and when did you develop your interest in fashion? 

Brie Conomos: Throughout my teenage years, I was fascinated with beautiful imagery and fashion. I finished high school in 2015 and went on to study a double degree at QUT fashion communication and business. I studied for one semester but didn’t feel as though it was something I wanted to continue. I decided to take half a year off to work and plan out what my next step was. Photography had continued to come up as something I was interested in but I didn’t have a camera at the time so I pleaded with my family for months to help me with getting a camera. Not long after, Christmas rolled around and my amazing family blessed me with a Canon 60D! I was so excited, but I didn’t even know how to use it. I began watching countless YouTube videos until finally, I had the basics to make my next move.

TCI: Over the course of your career, you’ve worked with many recognisable brands. Out of all your achievements, what’s your proudest achievement? 

BC: One of my proudest achievements would have to be working in the media team for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Sydney in 2019. I got to meet and work with many amazing people such as Elyse Knowles, Eleanor Pendleton (owner of Gritty Pretty).

TCI: You’re going to Europe around mid-2020, do you have any aspirations to expand your work internationally?

BC: I am heading to London for 6 months in July. This has been a gradual step for me as I knew it was something I needed to do for my career but wasn’t sure when the right timing was. I have been approached by some of my favourite brands and magazines with some possible work opportunities. It just naturally felt like the right time to step out and create some work that was more in line with my high fashion vision. The opportunities are endless in London and I’m extremely excited to be working there for a few months. I also have plans to be shooting London and Paris Fashion Week in September.

TCI: You started your career at 19, have you faced any hardships due to your age? How have you combated this? 

BC: I definitely have come across quite a few hardships because of my young age in this industry. Most of the people I work with are quite a bit older so it can be really hard starting off as I tended to doubt myself and not feel like I was capable. It takes a while to develop confidence. I still feel inadequate sometimes. But it’s all about putting yourself out there and being willing to learn from a situation even if It doesn’t go to plan.

TCI: Have you had to make any sacrifices for your career because of your young age? 

BC: Being a Fashion Photographer does come with quite a few sacrifices. It is a very self-focused job and to be the best in the business it sometimes does require you to be selfish. The pool of creatives striving for the same thing is extremely competitive. But in saying that I think it is super healthy to keep a balanced lifestyle. Photography isn’t everything to me. I love it but it isn’t everything and I think that is the best way it can be. I put a lot of hard work into my business but I would never sacrifice my family, friends and relationships for that. Keeping a healthy balance in your life with all the things you value is the best way to ensure you won’t burn out. I see my time with those I love as refuelling for the time I spend on set during the week.

TCI: What was it like to work aside industry professionals such as Emily Abay, Jeremy Choh and Bonnie Hanson? 

BC: It is incredibly humbling working alongside the best in the business. Emily Abay, Bonnie Hanson and Jeremy Choh are all absolutely incredible at what they do and have taught me a lot of what I know. All of these professionals have taught me that It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get to their position. Working alongside them inspires me to be better at what I do.

TCI: What’s your dream brand that you’d love to work with?

BC: I honestly have so many dream brands but I think on a broader scale I would love to be featured in Vogue magazine within the next couple of years. That’s my goal at the moment, fingers crossed!

TCI: How to prepare for a photoshoot?

BC: Photoshoot prep tips:
1. Make sure you have chatted with your client previous to shoot day to ensure you have all the correct details and vision for the shoot
2. Have a checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything
3. Pack extra SD cards and Batteries ALWAYS!
4. Helpful to have an assistant to help with small jobs on the day

TCI: What advice would you give to aspiring fashion photographers?

BC: My top tips for a young aspiring photographer would be – Watch as many YouTube/tutorial videos as possible. Reach out to your fav photographers and ask if you can come on set with them. Keep test shooting – the more you test the more you learn.

Brie Conomos’ latest campaign is with Nine Lives Bazaar. Click here to find out more about her work and her upcoming campaigns. 

Images: Bianca Aniceto

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