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Brisbane's New Bar Hopping Precinct, Southbank

Brisbane’s New Bar Hopping Precinct, Southbank

| On 11, Jan 2015

The Southbank of 2015 is pushing towards a fun, relaxed environment with cocktails and Americana styled food. Gone are the fine dining restaurants and in are the new informal venues, which whilst perhaps not being as finely tuned, do offer patrons an enjoyable, tasty evening.

Here are just some of the bars that have recently opened in Southbank and which are a must try to launch your 2015 eating and drinking season properly. Neighboring each other and spanning from Grey Street to Little Stanley Street, there’s something for every taste bud!


Bourbon Street

Bringing a slice of New Orleans is Bourbon Street, with its Creole inspired food, jazz music filling the air and cocktails being shaken and stirred throughout the night. A popular dish is the signature beignets (New Orleans style fritters/doughnuts) filled with Gouda and served with a dipping sauce. But it’s with the cocktails that Bourbon Street really shines. Standouts are the Absinthe cocktails with the simple but superb Absinthe drip cocktail taking centre stage. This is one of the oldest known ways of drinking Absinthe and hails from the bell’ Époque era with a sugar cube dissolved into a glass of Absinthe using ice cold water. If a single (albeit, delicious) shot of Absinthe isn’t for you, then there’s more than enough options to tantalize you!



The Manhattan Line

Chris Denman, owner of Fourth Wall, and one of the most knowledgeable bartenders I’ve ever met, has recently opened a new bar, The Manhattan Line, directly behind Bourbon Street. Whilst also American inspired, these guys are taking their inspiration from New York with hotdogs and whiskey dominating the menu. With a stellar cast behind the bar and a fun, groovy atmosphere, this is another bar not to miss.




Hop and Pickle

Hop and Pickle is bringing delicious pub grub to Little Stanley Street with their menu ‘hop culture’. Featuring delicious bar snacks and a daily changing menu, their food is nourishing, filling and heartwarming. Not to be missed are the Saturday pub specials and their traditional roast on Sunday’s. Expect favourites such as Yorkshire puddings, duck fat potatoes and roasted vegetables. The drinks menu is simple but covers all the basics, with a generous selection of beers, wines and cocktails available.


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Tomahawk Bar

Beer is the drink of choice at Tomahawk Bar, with rotating taps of 13 different beers and over 80 bottled varieties. Drink pairing suggestions fill the food menu with the Baja fish taco matched with the Belgian Witbier, as according to Tomahawk “the addition of clove and orange peel in Witbier makes for the ultimate fish taco experience”. I am sold. Also enticing is Tomahawk’s ‘claw-some’ event on Wednesday’s of a mound of crab claws served on a bed of shoestring fries with coleslaw and pale ale lemon dripping sauce all for a meager $20. I am there. Alternatively, visit Tomahawk on a Sunday for their Puffs and Paddles- puff sized empanadas starting from 5 for $5 and beer paddles of 5 beers for $15.





So whatever your fancy, be it cocktails, whisky, wine or beer, the new bar options at Southbank have you covered. Whether you decide to hop from one to the other or dedicate a night to each venue, it’s never been so easy to enjoy a delicious drink and meal at Southbank or so difficult to choose where to go first!

Bourbon Street 184 Grey Street, Southbank

The Manhattan Line Shop 3a Little Stanley Street, Southbank

Hop and Pickle Shop 6e Little Stanley Street, Southbank

Tomahawk Bar 182 Grey Street, Southbank


Image Credits: Images sourced from Bourbon Street Website, Manhattan Line Facebook Page, Hop and Pickle Facebook page and Tomahawk Facebook Page