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Brisbane's Top Fashion Trends

Brisbane’s Top Fashion Trends

| On 18, Jul 2015

It’s cooling down, and the biggest fashion trends for winter in Brisbane have finally hit the streets.

We’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for a time when coats were necessary, or even a scarf was needed to protect ourselves from the cold, and thankfully our wishes have been granted from the weather gods and temperatures are finally dropping. This chilly change means that all the fashion trends which we predicted and hoped for, have the opportunity to either manifest or to flake away. Our top 4 trends that have been sashaying around the CBD and it’s surrounding suburbs are as follows…

(1) Leather jacket

Wow, did I miss the memo where punk became the norm? Obviously. It was so interesting to discover at least every third person wearing a leather jacket of some description. My personal favourite being slightly cropped, perfect to pair with a pair of black high waisted jeans, and rolled up at the sleeve to show off the white button up blouse worn underneath. The ultimate fashion statement this winter.


Brisbane Winter Fashion (2)


(2) Adidas Superstars

These funky sneakers have been seen on all the top bloggers over the last few months, and I was interested to see whether for Brisbane this would turn into a fad, or street fashion. By the looks of the styling, these shoes are dressed to impressed. Often teamed either with culottes and a oversized coat or jeans and a bomber jacket, the look can definitely be reworked for a fun and practical outfit.


Brisbane Winter Fashion (3)


(3) Lack of Colour

My favourite, favourite (did I mention favourite?) item to see on the Brisbane streets is a Lack of Colour Hat. With their new collection recently launching, with more styles and bolder colours, there is not a single reason why fashionista’s don’t love it. It can not only keep you warm and the wind off your head, but hide any bad hair day with pure style.


Brisbane Winter Fashion (4)


(4) Denim

Teaming denim with denim is definitely making a comeback this year. Or for those not quite as adventurous, the Chambray shirt is a must have for winter. When the weather hits that extra chill it can be easily teamed with a pastel knit and you have yourself a great outfit – and one that the Brisbane fashion world is definitely following.


Brisbane Winter Fashion (5)