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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 26, 2021

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Brisbane's Very Own Austen Releases New Single

Brisbane’s Very Own Austen Releases New Single
Raquel Estrada

Lush and consuming alt-pop songstress Austen, releases her new single ‘NORTH SOUTH EAST WEST’.

If you’re desiring to listen to a low key, cool and feel good song about love then this song is destined for you.

Austen’s creativity and essence should be admired. The feel good song hits you with a mild and continuous beat combined with a perfectly paired guitar riff and lush instrumentation.

The indie-pop artist creates a sweet vocal that perfectly captures the dreamy and exciting feeling of a relationship in the honeymoon stage.

This chill, summer vibe song was inspired by the complete opposite of what you would imagine. The song was written and recorded as a way to destress and let out all emotions.


Cover Artwork for Austen single


“I wrote this song with my co-writers. We just started writing this really fun kind of song to laugh about a situation that had happened to me that morning and get it out of my system,” Austen said.

“We were all in a really good mood afterwards, so I think that was reflected in the vibe of  the song,” she said.

“We were imagining a scenario where it was comfortable, flirty, kind of breezy love and I guess we all just felt like that in our lives, so we kind of just wrote about that”.

The music video for this single was inspired by artist’s such as The Beatles and Elvis performing on live talk shows in the 60’s.

“I really liked the vibe and aesthetic of that, so I wanted to try and do that but superimpose me as all of the characters.”

Make sure to listen to Austen’s new single here and don’t forget to watch the aesthetically pleasing music video here.

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