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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 12, 2020

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Build Your Own Terrarium

Build Your Own Terrarium

| On 26, Sep 2014

A bunch of red roses can speak volumes, but what about a terrarium? Creating your own miniature garden is easier than you’d think.

Terrariums as a hobby and decoration became popular in the 19th century, when a physician and botanist named Nathanial Bagshaw Ward accidentally discovered that plant life could thrive in glass whilst observing moths. It’s enjoyed a surge of popularity in recent years, and Brisbane’s northside boasts several places where you can assemble your own.746124_535e5f84068b4d4abf084389b8f2cb77.jpg_srz_p_863_574_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

Amidst the after-five darkness of a suburban shopping carpark, light shines from beneath a roller-door to reveal a small table of participants hunched over their work. This is the scene of night-time terrarium workshops held at boutique florist That Flower Shop.

A gem amongst nondescript surroundings in Alderley in Brisbane’s north, That Flower Shopplays host to a range of flowers, succulents and “living gifts” – and now offers the opportunity to personalise your own compact botanical sphere. That Flower Shop provides all the materials – plants, soil, stones, moss, charcoal, bark, tools and expert advice from florist Patricia to make your terrarium functional as well as beautiful.

mossyOr head over to Vielle Branche in Albion, an antique shop worth a visit in its own right, for a Mossy Antlers workshop from botanist Christopher Beavon, who will take you through the specifics of soil composition, plant selection and terrarium care and maintenance.mossy Mossy Antler’s next workshop will be in conjunction with Betty’s Dirty Laundry Markets and West End Block Party, and will be hosted at Betty’s Espresso in West End.

If you’re keen to cultivate some plant life but the prospect of mowing or weeding makes you baulk, or if you want to give a heartfelt gift with a twist, a terrarium may be the answer.

The Details
What –
Terrarium workshops at That Flower Shop and Vielle Branche
When –
That Flower Shop October/November calendar available here
Mossy Antlers class details available at their Facebook page
Where - 
That Flower Shop – 40 South Pine Road, Alderley
Vielle Branche – 10 Fox St, Albion
Expressions of interest are essential – contact That Flower Shop on 33525773 or book a spot online at

Mossy Antlers – book at or instore at Vielle Branche

Images sourced from and the Mossy Antlers Facebook page