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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 26, 2022

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Cafes Get Creative to Stay Open

Cafes Get Creative to Stay Open
Anna Kenny

Become a local hero by drinking (takeaway) coffee. Brisbane cafes are getting creative to outmanoeuvre COVID-19 and they need your help.

The threat of COVID-19 looms large and continues affecting everyone, the once-thriving hospitality industry has been no exception. Health risks, loss of revenue, and the uncertainty of what lies ahead cause escalating stress levels. So many of our beloved coffee go-to’s have had to close shop.

However, some cafes are doing everything they can to stay open and supply us with our coffee fix.



Co-owner of Pablo New Farm, Amy, shares that they are adapting by extending their range to include more takeaway options.

“We do a take-home care pack, we have made bread and milk available for purchase, pre-order take-home meals are available from next week, and we’re making it well known that we can do everything takeaway.”



Three Girls Skipping and Graceville Fine Foods are joining forces to start delivering home-cooked meals.

Cafe owners have also had to adapt their personal lives to juggle the extra hours either spent working or formulating plans in anticipation of what could happen next.

Owner of Three Girls Skipping, Caroline, shares that her days now start at 4 am so she can keep things going on lower wages.

Now having less time to care for her young son, she must sadly consider sending him to stay with her mother in county NSW. Having her mum come to the city where there is more risk of contracting the virus is not an option.

Despite the chaos, there is hope and gratefulness.

Caroline expresses how lucky she is to be a part of an amazing community, with customers who continue to support them through the craziness. She is also grateful for her staff.

“I have an AMAZING team. They are just getting in and getting it done! No complaining, no negative talk, just happy and positive. It makes a world of difference.”

Amy from Pablo New Farm has found the same to be true, adding,

“It truly is a scary time and this really reassures us. We have hope we will get through it. We’ve all got to help each other. Support means everything.”

Keep supporting small businesses. Get takeaway and go have a picnic with a few close, healthy friends.

Great food and coffee await you.



Follow your local cafes on social media to stay updated. Things change daily.

What Pablo New Farm
When Open 7 days 6 am to 11 am
Where 4/220 James Street, New Farm, QLD
More information Facebook  / Instagram

What Three Girls Skipping
When Open 7 days 6:30 am – 1 pm / Grab and go dinner service Thursday & Friday
Where 365 Honour Avenue, Graceville QLD
More information Website / Facebook / Instagram

Image credits: Pablo New Farm, Anna Kenny.