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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 6, 2020

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Can a sex-clown save the world?

Can a sex-clown save the world?
Auran Abraham

What do you get when you combine the punk aesthetics of 90’s era Paul McDermott, the absurd fever dream of the 90’s club scenes, and the sexual liberation and feminist movements of the mid 60’s to 70’s with a touch of Pricilla Queen of the Desert?

The sex-clown, obscene beauty queen that is Betty Grumble and their alter-ego Emma Maye Gibson who both perform the bare-naked breakdown of society in their currently touring, one-person womanifesto, Love and Anger for Brisbane Festival.

Betty Grumble takes to Theatre Republic’s The Block stage to shock, and stimulate *wink* your sensibilities, and blow audience minds sky-high. Mixing rebelliousness and anti-authoritarian vitriol with hyper-sexual cabaret, Betty brings a pulse-pounding level of hyperactive obscenity to a usually very charged conversation about feminism and the importance of the elevation of women and the current prudish censorship and lustful hunger of the female body.

By taking these ideologies and stripping them down to the wet, hairy and dirty core through inspired dance and movement, along with a heaped helping of humour, Betty is able to inspire a conversation around the issues that face women in our highly patriarchally-focused societies, beyond the oft out-of-touch news media and elitism of so-called expert panellist at round-table discussion forums.

The show is a disjointed, hilarious and very naked expression of the sex clown themselves and the human behind the caricature. Surprisingly personal in parts, the show progresses through an emotional rollercoaster of life story, and exposure of the perception of female vulnerability, by exposing all.

From the opening of the show, pun intended, the stage is set for a hell of a journey for the audience for the hour ahead. Betty’s show is a neon paint smeared middle finger to societal stuffiness and takes self-exposure to inspired and arousing new levels. Plus, every audience member in attendance gets a little souvenir made by Betty during the show.

Be sure to catch the show during Brisbane Festival, and make sure to find a good seat, as you’ll want to see everything that Betty has to show you.

Where: Theatre Republic – The Block
The Block (Building Z3), QUT Creative Industries
Musk Avenue
QLD 4059
When: TUES 18 SEPT – 29 SEPT
How Much: $24 – $32
Website: Here

Other info:
Suitable for ages 18+.
Full-Frontal Nudity
Adult themes
Sexual References
coarse language
Strobe Lighting and Smoke

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