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Can’t Say No To Nodo Donuts

Can’t Say No To Nodo Donuts

| On 14, Sep 2014

Gone are the days of the bland donut with sickly sweet pink icing and sprinkles, new healthier, adult-diet-friendly donuts are on the scene, and we have Nodo Donuts to thank for it.

Seeing an opening for a less guilty version of one of our guiltiest pleasures, Kate Williams from Nodo Donuts has developed these amazing gluten free creations. Made from organic ingredients, real fruit, coconut products (oil, sugar, milk and cream), raw and rapadura sugars and free-range eggs, these delicious donuts are free of preservatives, and won’t make you feel as if you need to hit the treadmill after you finish the last bite. Did we mention they are also baked fresh each day, and never fried? Just another reason you can happily indulge in them.IMG_7783

Enough about ingredients though, let’s talk flavours! The hands down favourite is definitely the Blue Myrtle– Blueberry & ricotta donut with lemon myrtle frosting and macadamia/coconut crumb. However, the Banana Bread – Caramelized banana in coconut sugar & cinnamon with maple cream cheese & toasted pecans, is a close second.IMG_7793

Also keep an eye out for the Must Love Coconut with raspberry and white chocolate, Blueberry Cheesecake with lemon cream cheese and a pistachio crumb, Cold-pressed coffee with dark chocolate, and Raspberry White Chocolate, a great sweeter option.IMG_7795

I’m sorry to say these donuts are not available everyday, so here is the lowdown on how to get your hands on them. Head to the Jan Powers Farmers Markets in New Farm every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month from 6am-12 noon, we got ours from The Single Guys café in Kenmore, where they are available every Saturday. You can also head to Dovetail on Overend in Norman Park (Wednesday & Saturday) orBean on Dean in Toowong on selected days. Whatever location you head to, go early because these bad boys are no longer a secret and sell out fast!

If you need a fix before those days however, special orders can be made of over $100, which is perfect for a special event, or anyone who is a little greedy and wants to stock up for home.

It is safe to say that Nodo Donuts have become our newest and (less) guilty pleasure, and they will certainly become yours too.

The Details

What: Nodo Donuts

Where: Jan Powers Famers Markets, The Single Guys, Dovetail on Overend, Bean on Dean

Website: Visit the Nodo website, or contact Kate Williams for orders

p. 0410 680 223


Image credit: Feature image from @nododonuts Instagram