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Can't Wait To Knock On The Door Of Fourth Wall

Can’t Wait To Knock On The Door Of Fourth Wall

| On 02, Nov 2014

For the past month, I have been sober. It’s true. For those who know me, this is quite unbelievable.

I love cocktails. I love how skilled bartenders can take a hint or a word from you and turn it into a drink.

And I like the colours of cocktails. They’re pretty. And martini glasses. Good god, I love martini glasses.

So whilst going sober for 31 days does have benefits, I am missing my cocktails, which made me start thinking about my favourite cocktails and the cocktail bar I can’t wait to return to in November.

That cocktail bar is Fourth Wall.

My love affair with Fourth Wall began last year when I wandered in with two girlfriends to meet two bartenders with the best bar chat in Brisbane and some serious swizziling skills as well.




Whilst the faces have changed, the mantra of the bar and it’s loving, inclusive, bespoke environment remains.

Fourth Wall aims to find the perfect cocktail for every patron, and if it takes trying many different drinks to find it, so be it.

The more, the merrier (the drinker!).

Fourth Wall can deliver classics such as an Old Fashioned, vodka martinis or mojito’s better than most and their own menu outshines many of their competition.

The menu is seasonal, drawing inspiration from local ingredients, favourite films, novels or whatever takes the bartenders fancy.

My favourite cocktail, that I have ever tasted, is still one of the first I tried at Fourth Wall.




Their version of a Clockwork Orange, with Aperol, gin and peach liqueur is mildly sweet whilst retaining a citrus tang with added lemon juice. Served in a martini glass, this is the queen of all cocktails.

Manager, Alex Boon, was recently named as one of the top 25 Australian mixologists in the Diageo Reserve World Class Bartender of the Year Awards and was one of four bartenders from Brisbane to be a finalist in an Australian and New Zealand wide cocktail competition.

With credential this impressive, he’s sure to find you a cocktail that will take your fancy and may even become your signature drink.




So join me in November whilst I sip on some of the most delicious cocktails being made in Brisbane.

Or if you can’t wait until then, which I wholeheartedly understand, then get along to Fourth Wall and I shall try my hardest to not die of jealousy.


The Details

Who: Fourth Wall

Where: 743 Ann St, Fortitude Valley

When: Wed-Thurs 4pm – 12am, Fri-Sat 4pm-2am, Sun 4pm-12am

Review Overview



With a vast knowledge of cocktails, let the bartenders at Fourth Wall find the perfect cocktail for you.