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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 3, 2020

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Card creation 101

Matilda Butler

Were you aware that there is a Greeting Card Association?

You probably would if you have ever tried entering into the greeting card industry yourself. You would know that seven billion greeting cards are purchased every year. This adds up to more than $7 billion in retail sales annually. Finally nine out of 10 households will buy greeting cards (an average figure).

So what do these figures mean to you or to me? My interpretation is this; the sentimental letters we give to our friends, family and acquaintances have become morphed into duplicated, mass-produced A5 glossy cardboard pieces. Now this is not to say greeting cards have no place in this world, in fact I’ve often walked past a gift shop and found the perfect “mass-produced” card for one of my friends. Usually these cards can make you laugh or reminisce, or maybe they can make you cry. That is the power of a good card. However, you may find the impression left by a homemade card a lot stronger than one they may have seen in the shops themselves.

If you’ve ever wanted to create a one-of-a-kind, one-time-only, extremely-limited-edition card for someone, here’s a few examples.

A card with the shape of a tree formed by cut out maps.

The map card.

The map card is a beautiful way to send your friends off on their travel adventures. Cut out different areas of some old Brisbane Directories and get a range of colours to create this simple, yet beautiful tree shape. On that note, why not create various shapes and patterns with other old books? You might get some amazing results!

A card with a band aid on the front.

The get better card.

This get better card is so simple. The creator has cut out a bit of beige polka dot paper, stuck some textured card board in the middle and stuck a little love heart on top. As a result, we have a very cute looking band aid. Notice the use of the white space above and the hand writing below. The idea behind the art on the card is clear, modest and not over the top. This card could be use to console any loved one’s ills.

A card with the stitching of a baseball, literally stitched on.

The stitch card.

Cute card! I’ve received a few hand stitched cards for different things and I have to say they are up there with one of the most special. Consider stitching someone’s name, age (in the case of a birthday), love heart, shape or pattern. All you need is some thick card (so the thread doesn’t cut the paper through), some thread and a needle. There are a few approaches to hand stitching a card. A big tip for this kind of thing is to do as the creator has done above; do your stitching on a piece of paper, then glue it to the actual card afterwards.

Hand-drawn card.

Hand-drawn card.

Of course, not everyone has the time or motor-skills for such beautiful cards. I often resort this kind of card above. Often these are the cards your mum will love the most. It’ll bring back memories of the days when you were learning your letters and had just figured out how to draw a star. These cards will melt hearts, so don’t be ashamed of a little hand-written love either.

So give the Greeting Card Association a pass and make something yourself. It’ll mean giving someone a card that is unique, thought-out and full of effort.

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