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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 2, 2020

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Catching Up With Concrete Surfers

Catching Up With Concrete Surfers
Michael Hannay

The Creative Issue caught up with Jovi, the singer and guitarist of Brisbane punks Concrete Surfers to talk about recording their EP, BIGSOUND, Crafted Festival and what’s next in the pipeline.

Brisbane favourites Concrete Surfers have had a massive 2019 so far. They’ve released their new EP, the six-song skate-punk My Life on Repeat, toured hard down the east coast of Australia with PLTS and DIET and are preparing to play both BIGSOUND and Crafted Festival. The band’s frenetic live show is not one to be missed — make sure you catch them in the river city’s tiny venues while you still can.

The Creative Issue: You put out My Life On Repeat back in March – how was the recording process for the record?
Concrete Surfers: It was really nice.  We recorded with my friend Ali who plays in Zefereli and drums for Clea as well. He’s got a farm in Boonah – an hour out of Brisbane – and we escaped for four days or so to record the whole EP. It was awesome being out of the city, if we got stressed out or anything we could go for a walk and just cool off. I think it made us work a lot harder as well, out in the open air. It’s so peaceful out there, you can concentrate your time and energy into recording.

TCI: You’ve done a fair bit of touring this year – dates with PLTS, DIET and your own headline shows – how has the reception been?
: They’ve been received a lot better than I was expecting. I was happy if five people showed up, but we got pretty good crowds at every show. DIET and PLTS are really nice people, we stayed with PLTS’ bass player’s family, they cooked us dinner and breakfast and everything – it was really nice. No servo pies or spinach and feta rolls.

TCI: How’s the next Concrete Surfers record going to sound?
: The next record is definitely heavier – we’ve been tracking a few new songs with Fletcher Matthews who did Sweater Curse’s last record, and Dear Seattle – they’re not so much aggressive in the punk sense, our new stuff is heavier but a bit more mature in terms of songwriting, thinking about the sections and workshopping the songs before recording.

TCI: You’re playing Crafted Festival with bands like Seaside and Nice Biscuit – how are you feeling about it? What are you drinking at a beer festival?
: My usual beer is something really Australian tasting – a XXXX Gold or a VB. I’ll go a Stone & Wood or a Young Henry’s Newtowner. I’m pretty stoked about the show, we’ve done a few afternoon shows and it’s a nice change to having lights blaring at you on a stage, it’s a nice feeling.

TCI: It’s been announced that you’re playing the Oztix party at BIGSOUND later this year – have you got a few shows planned around that?
: We’ve got two official BIGSOUND shows planned and we’re hoping to get on a few other parties. Just hoping to play as many shows as we can that week. I’m really excited, I’ve never attended but I’m really keen to play.

TCI: You’ve worked with Freak Street for a lot of your album art and you’ve said you’re managed by Chris from Sweater Curse – with that sense of community, what are you loving coming out of Brisbane at the moment?
: Music-wise I really liked Sweater Curse’s last EP, and my friend’s band Boing Boing, they’re kind of like The Chats but a bit different – really fun and energetic shows. I’m also loving things like Gum Magazine, everyone collaborating, musicians and writers working together, everyone just becomes friends and you find that you know heaps of the same people. Brisbane is unbelievably small for a capital city.

TCI: What does the rest of 2019 have in store for the band?
: We’ve recorded a few new songs and hopefully we’ll get one of them out next month. Just writing more and doing some demoing and recording to put out another EP next year.

You can listen to ‘My Life On Repeat’ here and purchase tickets to Crafted Festival here.

Instagram: @concretesurfers_

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