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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 8, 2022

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film news for all Australians

film news for all Australians

Frances HA…Ha?

August 13, 2013 |

So the new semester has begun, holiday mode is slowly switching off and your news feed is filling up with university related posts/complaints/rants. Your return to the life of a student is almost complete, but spare a moment to remember those who have passed through this stage and are out in the ‘real world.’ Read More

The Streak, a short film about backyard cricket

August 7, 2013 |

The Streak is an upcoming Queensland short film currently in pre-production.

In the words of scriptwriter, Daniel Pollard, The Streak is an “unashamedly Australian” story with universal themes.

“The Streak centres around a backyard cricket game because that’s what … Read More

Tailgate, a feature length Queensland film

July 31, 2013 |

Tailgate, an upcoming feature film produced and made in Queensland, has recently finished filming and is currently undergoing post-production.

I talk to the director Jai Hogg about the project.

CD: What is Tailgate about?

Jai: Tailgate is about a young man who wakes up … Read More

Film Review: New JOBS Opening

July 25, 2013 |


When Apple founder Steve Jobs passed away in October 2011, popular culture went in overdrive seeking out ways to memorialise a man who had achieved God-like status among tech-heads and hipsters. Books flew off the shelves … Read More

Shocking Slate Slamming

July 22, 2013 |

While the slate is rather important on set, sometimes the camera department may neglect to slate properly.

Assistant editor of Bait 3D Joe Lancaster says some aspects that exist to help the streamline of the postproduction process can sometimes be easy to forget … Read More

One Zombie, Please

July 10, 2013 |

Zombies are in. They’re so in that when we’re not watching hit show The Walking Dead or buying tickets to see World War Z, we’re scrolling over zombie references on Facebook or dodging them in the streets of BrisbaneRead More

L.A. Web Series Festival

July 8, 2013 |

The LA Web Series Festival is a competition created for the new film medium; web series.

Within the last several years, web series have made a significant impact in the world.

Personally, the first web series I was introduced … Read More

The Unprofessionals – a short documentary

July 1, 2013 |

“The film industry is one of the most competitive and cutthroat industries in the world and it seems that thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people every year in Australia want their chance to make it big,” says The … Read More

Palace Cinema hosts Pop Up Manga

June 28, 2013 |

Manga fans unite! The Palace Cinemas are currently hosting the Pop-Up Manga Festival which kicked off June 21 and runs until July 27 at Palace Centro.

This mini pop-up fest features a collection of films from Studio … Read More

Little White Dove – QUT film student project

June 26, 2013 |

It’s that time of year again, exams are coming to a close and holidays are just around the corner. Well that’s what most students would be facing at the moment, but for a few film students holidays are the furthest … Read More

iPhone Film Festival

June 24, 2013 |

More often than not, some filmmakers can feel uninspired due to their lack of equipment.

Fortunately for them, other filmmakers have recognised peoples’ talent can shine through different quality mediums.

According to the iPhone Film Festival website, “the … Read More

Test Screening Audience Types

June 17, 2013 |

“Can you change the meaning of your film, so instead of being about ________ it’s about ______?”

This is one of the many types of feedback you can receive when you show your film to a test screen audience.

Despite … Read More

The Possibilities Of Crowdfunding

June 17, 2013 |

There are some harsh facts that I’ve recently learned about the world: I will always drop toast butter side down, Hogwarts doesn’t exist and none of my Facebook friends actually remember my birthday. However the … Read More

Hola – Spanish Film Festival Brisbane

June 12, 2013 |

Hola! The Spanish Film Festival is back in Brisbane for its 16th year and I hope you’re ready!

Last Thursday a friend and I got to go along to the media launch of the Spanish Film Festival. We arrived … Read More