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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 10, 2022

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| On 19, Jul 2016

This week began the official launch and countdown to QLD’s 2016 Ekka, and luckily, TCI got the dates and information for two of the most important fashion events that you’ll be wanting to note down in your calendar!

It’s that time of the year again where we contemplate taking part in the hype of attending the Royal Queensland, annual EKKA show. As we grow up, the strawberry sundaes, the line to the rides and the choice of show bags become something we feel we should leave to the real kids, not so much the ones inside us. However, this time round there is more for you then you would expect and in terms of the fashion district, it’s going to be one hell of a show.

Natural Fibres Fashion Parade

This year, fashion at the Ekka celebrates its silver anniversary, as it marks the 25th year of the parades being directed by Lindsay Bennet, and with this, it’s longest running free fashion parade in Australia, the Natural Fibres Fashion Parade. The parade will showcase collections designed with cotton, wool and other natural materials in tribute to the high-quality products of the Sunshine State’s Agriculture industry. Since they began, the parades have featured a range of Australia’s most renowned fashion designers, as well as promoting local designs from the brightest emerging fashion talents of TAFE Queensland Brisbane and QUT’s Fashion School.


Fashion at the Ekka

Fashion at the Ekka

In a celebration of this history and in the most iconic event yet, you will see the most captivating spectacle as 2016 features a special retrospective segment to open each show. Twelve of Queensland’s most prestigious and dedicated designers have selected a favourite piece from the past 25 years for a rare runway revival, including: Anthony Leigh Dower, Bora, Cotton Wool and Darb Couture to name a few.


So go be captivated, inspired and fall head over heels in love with the most versatile and enduring styles yet at this years National Fibres Fashion Parade.

The Details

What: National Fibres Fashion Parade, Royal Queensland Show 2016

When: Friday 5th – Sunday 14th August at 12:30pm, 1:30pm and 2:30pm daily

Where: Entertainment and Fashion Precinct (upper level), Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane Showgrounds.

Cost: Free!

More information: Visit the official Ekka Website


Fashions on the Field Competition

Fashions on the Field

Fashions on the Field

If you are one who doesn’t just want to see from the sideline, but be the show people are watching, then this last event is for you. A brand new fashion and glamour show Fashions on the Field competition, presented by Dendy Cinemas, will provide an opportunity for fashion-forward ladies and gentlemen to strut their most stylish formal spring season race wear in front of a panel of prestigious circuit judges.

Open to the public, the competition will hold four categories including: best female ensemble (18-40 years), best female ensemble (over 40 years), best male ensemble and best headwear (male or female). Entrants may enter two competitions with their age or gender group and/or the millinery category. The judging panel will be scoring competitors on a number of standard race-wear criteria such as: style and originality, attention to detail with accessories, attention to current trends with a personal flair and the suitability and appropriateness to the theme of the event.

There are a number of fantastic prizes to win with a total prize pool value of over $20,000, all donated by local Queensland businesses. Not to mention, each competitor receives a complimentary glass of Sirromet sparkling wine and an exclusive gift bag! Head over here to apply as entries are still open and don’t close till Friday 29th July 2016. So, from the Creative Issue we say to you fillies and stallions; show them what you got, good luck, and remember – “fashion can be bought, but style.. that is something one must possess”.

The Details 

What: Fashions on the Field Competition, Royal Queensland Show 2016

When: Monday 8th August 2016, 9am- 11:30 am.

Where: John MacDonald Stand, Main Arena, Brisbane Showgrounds.

Cost: Entry is free!

More information: Visit their Facebook and official Ekka Website to the full prize lists, entry rules, regulations and requirements and the complete judging criteria.


Image Credit: Ekka, Royal Queensland Show