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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | December 5, 2021

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Charlie Darling on QMAs and Being a Young Musician

Charlie Darling on QMAs and Being a Young Musician
Ellie Conroy

We caught up with Charlie Darling ahead of the Queensland Music Awards to chat about her nomination, creative inspiration, and what advice she has for young musicians.

Charlie Darling has been nominated in the Schools category alongside HANNI, Jacob Biermann, and Toby Hobart. Her single, ‘Lion’s Breakfast’ is short and sweet tune about just trying to fit in.

The Creative Issue: What does being nominated for QMA represent to you and your work?

Charlie Darling: My nomination for QMA represents the fact that it’s possible for one’s passion to take you places. My music doesn’t only affect me, other people enjoy it too.

TCI: What was your reaction when you found out you were nominated for your award?

CD: When I found out I was nominated for the QMA, I was proud of myself. This is a big deal for me! I was also so excited to perform and meet so many other artists who are in the same boat as me (all grassroots singer-songwriters).

TCI: What is your favourite part about being involved with Queensland’s music community?

CD: This is my passion!! I love to perform and create music especially when it has the potential to influence others positively. Queensland is my home, I think it’s important that musos from Brisbane show off its growing music scene.

TCI: Can you describe the creative forces and inspirations behind your work?

CD: I think trying to describe my ‘creative forces’ would be similar to describing what it’s like to breathe. Inspiration comes from every aspect of life and I will never be able to control it, only work with it. Sometimes I’ll be inspired by the fragility of the human race and other times I’ll ponder why I eat broccoli.



TCI: What are your plans looking forward to in the coming year?

CD: So many things! This year I’m studying at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. I’m releasing my third single on vinyl and most definitely getting my music onto all streaming platforms. Currently I have six painting commissions to start the year and I hope to better my artist image in all areas.

TCI: Would you be open to working with another QMA nominee and if there is what about them and their work really grabs your attention?

CD: Yes I would absolutely be open to working with other QMA nominees! I don’t know many but meeting Toby Hobart was very inspiring! I would love to collaborate with him in the future.

TCI: What are your best tips for dealing with nerves when it comes to performing?

CD: My advice to conquer stage fright is to lose yourself completely in what you’re doing. If you’re playing music to a huge crowd then forget they exist and only focus on playing for yourself. I know that’s easier said than done but with practice it really does help.

TCI: Brisbane is fast becoming a music hotspot to perform in. What are the best venues you’ve played at or where would you like to play the most?

CD: I think the best venue I’ve played in so far was the Tivoli in Fortitude valley. It was a school event but even so it was so exciting. I want to one day play there as ‘Charlie Darling’, not a student who dressed in 60’s clothing for a ‘summer of love’ themed tribute night.

TCI: Given the Schools category at the QMAs, what would be your best tip for young musicians?

CD: Well I am a young musician! I would tell my past self to get out there! Don’t sit around and wait for opportunity to come your way, you have to really work if you want to reach your goals.

TCI: What’s one thing that you would like to see come out of the Queensland music scene

CD: It might sound a bit full of myself but what I want to come out of the Queensland music scene is ME.

The Queensland Music Awards will be held on Tuesday 3rd of March at the Fortitude Valley Music Hall. General Admission mezzanine tickets are available to purchase from $57.95 + booking free for QMusic members and $77.95 + booking fee for non-members. To purchase your QMusic member ticket contact QMusic or book at full-rate via the QMA website or Ticketmaster.

What: 2020 Queensland Music Awards
Where: The Fortitude Music Hall (Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley)
When: Tuesday 3 March 2020 @ 6pm
How Much: $77.95 + b/f ($57.95 for QMusic Members)
Website: link to website
More Info: 18+, Smart Casual Dress

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