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Christmas Hamper Gift Ideas

Christmas Hamper Gift Ideas

| On 17, Dec 2014

‘Tis the season to be jolly’, the season of giving and the season of merry-making. But does all this merry-making have to come with a hefty price tag? Can Christmas be enjoyed and our love shared without the shedding of dollars?

Yes. It can.

Whilst store bought gifts are lovely, they can lack that extra special touch that are essential to a meaningful Christmas present. The true way to a person’s heart is, of course, through food.

So what better present than a Christmas food hamper!

Christmas is truly the time to be jolly. We all love Santa so why not emulate him and eat as much delicious food as possible to attain his happy belly?! There’s no better belly than one full of turkey and ham or delicious, Christmas themed desserts.

Here are some of our favourite things to bake and prepare for our loved ones this Christmas.


Australia’s summer has so many beautiful fruits in season. Juicy raspberries, luscious stone fruit and more are just waiting to be turned into jam and enjoyed throughout the year. Whilst raspberry jam is a universal favourite, one dear to my heart is apricot jam. Plump, ripe apricots are calling to me from my local greengrocer and I cannot go past this fruit in a jam jar! Put those mason jars to their proper use, fill them with jam and tie a bow around and voila! A beautiful present that will have your loved ones thinking of you each morning!

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Fruit Mince pies

Fruit mince pies are one of my favourite treats and I’m always upset that they’re not sold throughout the year. Instead, I will have to bake and eat my full over Christmas! Not only is the spicy, fruity filling delicious, but there can never be anything wrong with pastry. These pies can be made to whatever size you desire, with individual ones being perfect for popping into your mouth in one go or larger ones making the perfect Christmas statement piece. If, however, the thought of making your own pastry sounds far too tedious then a jar of fruit mince itself can never go astray!

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Gingerbread Men

Not only are gingerbread men freaking adorable, they’re also extremely delicious. Use some Christmas cookie cutters to get these little men in the festive mood and your hamper will look extra colourful! If you don’t have Christmas cutters, then the body of a gingerbread man can be turned upside down to create a reindeer.

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Personalised Ornaments

If DIY is more your forte than cooking, a personalised ornament can also be a beautiful Christmas present. Whether it be a painted bauble, a Christmas pet rock or a centrepiece for the Christmas table, let your creativity shine!

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Jan Power’s gift certificate

If you’re still stuck for ideas but would love to spread the love of food, then nothing can beat a gift from the Jan Power’s Farmers Markets. These markets have always been the go-to for delicious produce, with their Christmas markets preventing many a kitchen disaster! Whether it is the Chriberg traditional German Christmas ham from, or the variety of puddings from different stalls, the markets can ensure you enjoy a delicious Christmas meal. Or, treat a loved one with a gift certificate to the Jan Powers Markets that can be sourced here.

So if you’re stuck for Christmas present ideas and don’t want to spend a fortune, give your loved ones a hamper of delicious goods this Christmas and create sweet memories!

Image credits: Pinterest