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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 7, 2020

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Cindy Sherman's Many Characters

Cindy Sherman’s Many Characters

| On 20, Jun 2016

It is true that art beckons us to think differently. To decipher between what we like and what we don’t. To react and imagine what was happening inside the minds of creatives during their art making process.

The Gallery of Modern Art Brisbane is currently exhibiting a range of Cindy Sherman’s large-scale photographs that have been in the works since 2000. Sherman is an American contemporary photographer and film director universally known for these conceptual portraits where she acts as her own model.

Whilst walking through the exhibition it is recognised how majestically Sherman has encapsulated a mixture of characters in her own unique way, often posing the question “Wait, is that really her as well?”. It is not unusual that she is renowned as a chameleon of personalities and this field of artwork in GOMA depicts that claim in the most realistic way.

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Sherman’s lifelong obsession with dress-ups has helped the personal transformations of these character portraits. Ranging from sneaky, uncanny clowns to her work with high fashion houses, Balenciaga and Chanel. She reflects on the process of creating part of the exhibit called ‘Murals’ in 2010.

“Sometimes I would cut out a section of my cheek and then stretch it so it made the bags under my eyes droop even more…or I would use something to either blow up or inflate my lips, or shrink them. I was just exploring every option.”

As you walk through this exhibition the understanding of the artist progression really hits you in such a profound way. Her talent is incomprehensible and the exhibition is not only a reflective point for the general public, but it is a definite motivator for the aspiring, young creative.

GOMA is one of the first in Australia to showcase Sherman’s works outside of New York. Thus, it is an event you do not want to miss.

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What: Cindy Sherman Exhibition

Where: The Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane

When: 28th May – 3rd October, 2016

Cost: Adult $15 / Concession $12 / Member * $11 / Family (2 adults & children 13-17 years) $38 / Children (12 years & under) Free

More information: Visit  for full program details.

Image Credit: Elly-Grace Rinaldis